What Flavor of Digital Marketer are You Hiring Next?

While you’re enjoying that ice cream treat to keep you cool during these wicked hot summer days, consider that people’s tastes do reflect something about them.

Perhaps we don’t need full blow personality profiles to know whether the digital marketing services provider is the one for us. Of course, it’s their skill and performance which we’re purchasing. Whether you’re an agency manager or a service professional, who you choose will reflect your judgement and your sales results.

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Your emotions do matter and just like flavors, are somewhat difficult to comprehend, but they do factor into good decisions.

What’s more soothing to us on a hot sizzling day, when we’re dehydrated and overheated?  Ice Cream.  It cools and soothes with its intense flavors.  Consider your own favorite choice of ice cream flavor.  It might not be logical, but it is wise for you.  Do you pick vanilla, chocolate or some exotic flavor with cookies?

Does your choice reflect a habit of imagination and leadership or of a more cautious follower?

What is Your Favorite Flavor?

Baskin Robbins conducted a study of personality and ice cream flavors and here’s what they found:

    • Vanilla lovers are impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist
    • Chocolate choosers are dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough choosers are likely to be ambitious, competitive and a visionary
    • Rainbow Sherbet choosers are more analytical, decisive and little pessimistic
    • And Rocky Road flavor choosers are more likely to be aggressive, engaging and a good listener.

Your choice of marketing agencies/consultants will likely reflect these personality traits and their personality traits too.  Are they masters, creative, progressive, and intensely productive?

Good Decisions and Good Taste

Ice cream choice really is about emotional decisions. When managers forget what they actually do want and like, they don’t pick their favorite flavors. They pick something else and it’s not very satisfying. They’re stuck with their second choice, and likely one that’s autocratic and won’t adapt to their needs.

This is why companies assemble their own team of marketing specialists.

Many of the needs managers feel are difficult to understand and describe. And even those needs and pain points, perfectly transcribed into metrics, get turned back into emotions.

It’s because the feelings of success, safety and hope drive business decisions. Emotions are an advanced form of intelligence. Our emotions tell us that there is something inherently valuable in terms of experience (flavors) and performance in certain choices.  Choose the right flavor, and you feel good, satisfied, and you learn.

In the End, it Will Be About Fashion

As the author of The Adventurers, Harold Robbins noted in his great novel, everything comes back to fashion. Fashion is the flavor or taste experience of your solution and how it elevates your company and its people.

Flavor can be enhanced with good analytics and good branding via excellent content that enriches engagement. But flavor is the experience, whether learning or consuming.

Each manager wants a certain style or flavor in their providers, one that fits their company and brand. Choose consultants and marketing service providers who can provide the flavor you need.

Today’s agencies will have to re-engineer their own flavor to suit the post pandemic buyer.  Old brands are associated with an era that customers want to distance themselves from.  And Covid 19 isn’t going away quickly and it keeps reminding business people of how sweet real success is and why marketing excellence is vital.

Businesses won’t be hiring based on old imagery and goals. The markets have changed and customers have changed. 2020 was a rewrite experience and the cleaning and disinfecting continues in the digital marketing sector.

What Flavor is Your Company Brand?

Restaurants know all about flavors.  And even during the pandemic, some restaurants have succeeded.  It wasn’t just takeout service. They have irresistible flavors.

In the restaurant sector, we’ve see new cuisine sweep in and change consumer’s preferences and the architecture of retail restaurants was renewed too. When new flavors arrive, they create a dramatic wave of interest in consumers, almost viral in quality.

In the service sector, digital marketing agencies have gone virtual, and everyone is discovering they can get more affordable, higher quality services from virtual experts than a team of staff in a local, expensive office space.

Companies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Boston, and Toronto can acquire the exact flavor of provider they want online. The local cord has been cut because managers know they can access a broader pool of expertise across North America. Virtual teams are the lasting trend taking place.

Photo courtesy of Lao Peng and Eater Chicago.

Which Agency has Your Flavor?

In 2021, you got a good look at how successful and stable your business really is. Restaurants who adapted and had a flavor customers like, have survived.

What is Your Digital Marketing Flavor?

So what digital marketing agency flavor should you have? Simply list the key ingredients:


    • design and images – does their style of creativity and innovation in design generate the spirit of a brand
    • authoritativeness and technical expertise – expert level understanding of your industry and competitive and brand challenges
    • key services – certain services such as content, SEO, CRX, and design rate higher?
    • availability and flexibility – specialist contractors can fit in where they’re needed
    • history of relevant high profile accounts – clients lists with companies they admire
    • relevance and experience – experience in specific roles with related projects in your industry
    • team members – a group of people who look talented, capable and trustworthy?
    • reach and visibility – genuinely interested in generate reach to your specific target audience
    • range of skills – the mix of skills needed to make the campaigns work well
    • geographic location – managers want someone from somewhere else as they feel locals can’t help build a unique, fresh, brand experience

As part of your digital marketing audit, you might see whether your consultant is the intense, satisfying flavor you need.

If you’re excited about Marketing AI, then get introduced, check out the software solutions, and dig deeper into how your SEO, content, customer engagement and sales revenue will be affected.


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