Is It Worth it to Hire an Advanced SEO Consultant?

Tens of thousands of agencies, PR firms, copywriters, web designer firms, startups, and app development companies try to offer SEO services today.

They use a suite of tools, low paid writers, free meta analysis, and the pretense that a tech solution is what SEO is all about. In fact, Google has ensured it’s now less about tech than ever.

As any blogger, journalist, or advanced SEO pro knows, rankings and wide reach are all about superb, informative, engaging and interesting content, the kind that gets read and shared widely.

Think about all the web content you returned to again and again. Well, Google is much better at recognizing that. In fact, one new algorithm feature Google may be using is called information gain. This tells them which page might be best amongst hundreds of pages that all have the same information.

It pays to be unique, but it’s more important to offer better, more informative and engaging content. And this is where expertise and creativity come in.  As you’re reviewing and assessing your list of top experts, make this a fun journey. Slow down a little and learn the things you really should know.

The Promise of SEO Excellence

Because SEO is so effective and rewarding, it’s not surprising that everyone and their grandmother keeps pouring into this sector. They’re trying to get the SEO to rub off on the rest of their offerings. They’re trying to create a brand lift.

Who can blame them? The benefits of high rankings, visibility and qualified traffic feed into your complete marketing mix. From email campaign lists to software demo sign ups to brand impressions to improved funnel conversions, SEO supercharges the full mix.

If your current SEO company isn’t generating outstanding results, they may lack funds, time and resources, but they may also lack expert level skills, creative impact, innovation, content expertise, persuasive copywriting skills, graphic design or social media skills.

Increasingly, high rankings are about expertise, time and resources. In future that may be AI marketing software too.

Advanced SEO requires a diverse and significant range of skills, talent along with determination to achieve top Google rankings. Most of the best SEO people are talented and older. Success is earned through patience, persistence and creative imagination.

Top 12 Reasons for SEO Failure

    1. poor on site optimization – unsophisticated keyword usage and timid internal linking
    2. poor quality content – content isn’t focused, engaging or persuasive and insufficient time was put into research, creation and editing
    3. lack of vigorous outreach efforts including paid advertising – it takes significant funds to market your marketing and beat competitors with much bigger outreach budgets
    4. bad or confusing branding — visitors don’t like your weak or unclear UVP and leave right away
    5. low budget – reduces time spent to develop great content and build reach via social media
    6. lack of respect for competitors – need more money, time and resource to compete against big money competitors
    7. lack of social media expertise — no time or commitment to engaging well, building excitement and encouraging social shares
    8. lack of topic expertise – low information depth and detail value for users and lack of authoritativeness
    9. unsophisticated copywriting – copywriting style doesn’t evoke the right emotions and actions
    10. low quality on site graphics and graphic design – amateurish graphics and photos and awful colors
    11. slow clunky website with technical problems – looks like a spam site to Google’s search engine spider
    12. simply not competitive enough — your competitors are doing more advertising, content quality and more of everything.  Today, we have to be more committed and aggressive.

If you’re not sure why your SEO efforts have not met your expectations but it wont’ change by magic. It is wise to have a thorough digital marketing audit conducted. This can help you understand the fails and the opportunities in proper context.

Being Genuine and Trusted is Important

It wasn’t long ago that the best SEO experts had the worst websites.  They weren’t in the business of web or graphic design, but rather to sell their expertise with ranking algorithms and ability to manipulate them.  That unsophisticated style actually helped with authenticity as an SEO. Today, everyone needs a site that’s organized and presents well.

Being a market leader also builds support from customers and brand ambassadors online and even from top journalists and bloggers.

The market follows leaders — top brands and people with the best unique value proposition.

While it’s true that Google and Bing have refined their algorithm to better validate web page content for keyword relevance, specific semantics and content sections, topic authority, trustworthiness, user engagement, and trusted link popularity, the need for optimization remains.  Google doesn’t take care of your search engine optimization.

SEO Isn’t an Afterthought

SEO isn’t an afterthought. It’s a genuine, organic medium that your best customer prospects believe in. Top rankings bring trust, prestige, and big market presence. Everyone uses and trusts Google’s presentation of the best websites. You need to be there at the top.

Google believes what it reads, but it reads it in a more sophisticated ways. And what makes impact on readers and gets them engaged enough to recommend your site is not the same as it used to be. Old tricks are no longer effective.

An SEO expert understands all the cues, especially the important ones and works to maximize powerful or subtle cues, and to reduce negative cues.  Sometimes the problem is obvious, and sometimes it isn’t.

Applied search engine optimization is more of an art than science. Google is rating content quality.

So while more search engine optimizers join in, their limited perspective and insufficient tactics don’t compete. As I mention in other posts, we shouldn’t really compete on competitor’s terms. We need to establish a unique brand that lasts, builds SEO strengths, and allows us to build a very loyal and supportive following. Those followers who believe in your company and brand promise are important to your success.

You can see how modern SEO has to augment or power up weak components of your marketing mix.

When You Hire an Advanced SEO Consultant

When you test out and hire an advanced SEO consultant, you’ll discover a new strategy to:

    • improve your content and engage visitors deeply
    • make your content more relevant to your audience
    • build more impact and sustain visitors intent to purchase
    • make content more appealing and attractive
    • use paid channels to learn and create critical mass exposure
    • aligning SEO with content strategy
    • improving all touchpoints in the sales conversion funnel
    • create traffic of greater magnitude to create more brand awareness and reach


SEO does come down to sophisticated use and arrangement of topics and words to establish relevance to search engines and to make the right impact on visitors/customers. SEO has to achieve many goals and objectives which puts extreme demands on the SEO production team.

Learning from Mistakes and Poor Performance

Failure in this ultra-competitive industry is a constant. What isn’t a constant is the determination and strategy to be the market leader. Learn from mistakes.

But if your efforts are failing continuously or just aren’t competitive, it is time for a change. Sometimes, another expert has to be brought into the mix (again, what’s missing). Sometimes it’s a low budget while other times, it’s a lack of supporting assets. Think about that carefully before you switch to another provider.

Take inventory of their actual skills and results and determine what’s missing.

A digital marketing audit can help you discover those issues. It’s a very wise investment in your company’s future.
You may find that your marketing plan is ineffectual and what you need is a living, digital marketing strategy.

With Google and Bing trying to thwart search engine optimization and limit organic visibility, it really is very challenging today. They’re using AI technology to monitor your efforts and resist manipulation. It can be very frustrating to do SEO the old way.

The Thrill of a New SEO Strategy

A new SEO strategy can give your content strategy, sales conversion, and market growth a big lift.

In your heart and mind, you know what you need to do. You just need the confidence that you’ve got the right SEO consultant to help you rebuild and go after the market leader position.

I’ve done it many times with major hotels, marketing agencies, publishers, manufacturers, Real estate agents, and medical services companies. I’ve had clients in New York, Boston, Florida, Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and San Francisco, along with London UK and Beijing China.

Yes, it’s a big marketplace out there and it’s winnable! Call me at 416 998 6246 and lets get started with your market leader success story.

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