Search Engines Rule!

People have continuous needs for information in order to discover their problems and solve them.  They enjoy the journey to solution, and Google and Bing are parts of that online experience.

And the impact of search engines on consumer’s preference might not be appreciated well enough either. Not only has Google fused itself into the information quest experience, they also have a say in which websites/businesses are regarded as the best resources.

That online customer journey or experience is what businesses should focus on. Ask women if they prefer to shop online or at the mall for clothing and you’ll understand the medium is an important part of the journey.  Consider a traveler planning their vacation. Everything that happens before they leave is part of an experience.  And Google is often a big part of it.

Together with Amazon and Facebook, Google rules the world of digital shopping and paid advertising.

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It’s The Web’s Homepage and You Need to Be Visible

Google’s been everyone’s homepage for over two decades. Billions upon billions of searches every day means you need to be visible on this channel.  As I suggest in other blog posts, search is integral to the complete digital marketing experience. Search magnifies and supports other parts of the marketing mix. Without professional level SEO, you’ve got a gaping hole in your marketing.

Google’s ad revenues have grown exponentially at the expense of free organic listings. Marketers got squeezed and many just accept the pay to play enforcement.  However, pay to play is expensive, so finding better ways to leverage free exposure on Google is wise. The challenge is high, but you can do this.

Advertising Revenue Growth for Google.
Advertising Revenue Growth for Google. Screenshot courtesy of Statista.

It’s a simple conclusion for sure to be strongly visible on search engines, but don’t let the simplicity stop you from seeing even greater value. Because, when you stop at achieving a little visibility, you won’t climb up where you can access much more powerful marketing opportunities. Many of these opportunities I elaborate on in the digital marketing blog.

As you climb on Google’s rankings, traffic grows fast, lead quality improves quickly, and opportunities explode. It’s all available for you to win on.

Conversion rate by source. Screenshot by SmartInsights.

Big Companies Invest in SEO and so Should You

We just took at close look at salaries for Search Engine Optimizers and discovered that salaries and fees are fairly high in some circumstances. Whether those funds are being allocated well is another matter.

Clearly some CEOs and small business owners are deciding to invest strongly in search engine optimization as a key part of their promotional strategy. The most obvious benefits of professional SEO tend to stick in people’s minds, and they miss out on ways to get more value out of search engine optimization and search generated leads.

The words organic and FREE may preclude awareness of more important benefits garnered when you get deeper into search engine optimization strategy. And that exploration will take you deeper in real marketing issues such as your value proposition and how SEO might ease many of your vexxing issues.

The Full Potential of Search Engines Are Open to You

If you’re afraid of competition and concerned your brand/product can’t be the most significant one in the market, you should put that to rest. The fact is, the power to dominate a market is in your marketing.

The only reason big companies rank higher and get more qualified leads is because they go and capture the budget, hire the talent, get the tools, and create the mission to win. It’s the audacity to do it that matters. Try and you succeed.

Corporations are just a company like yours, but for whatever reason (money) they have the confidence they will win. What if you pretend you have that same confidence and will? Wouldn’t you get the same results?

Best product, best company, best people, best brand? The audience believes what it sees and is told. If your brand looks good, says good things, and is being promoted strongly, they get the impression you are a significant provider. And search engines hold credibility and are a great way to let customers know you’re the real deal.

Stepping Up to Claim Market Leader Status

Market leader status is there for whoever wants it most. Think about that for a moment. Whoever wants it the most. So if confidence is the issue, then look for a professional search engine optimizer with lots of optimism, drive and talent. That solves that part of it.

What holds back many companies from making a serious commitment to SEO is a lack of confidence in:

  • their unique value offer
  • their marketing talent
  • their weak budget
The Solution: capture the budget, find the right marketing team, and focus on how to present your value proposition better. Believe in strategy, it is the edge.


Top market leaders didn’t have the best value proposition. The previous market leaders did. It really comes down to the audacity and belief in themselves to hike up to the top. They started out modestly, but the improvement grew and grew. Their rankings grew, content improved, social media exposure grew, and the strategy itself improved to create deeper market access. Soon they were achieving creativity and innovation they never thought possible.

Think for a moment about Elon Musk and where he started out with crazy ideas. Now he’s the richest person in the world fiddling with AI guided vehicles and batteries that last forever.  And his company’s real value is in the digital services available via the vehicles!

Why is Search Engine Optimization the Best Channel?

  1. search engine users have the highest purchase intent and conversion rate – most sales leads come from Google and email addresses are garnered initially from Google referrals
  2. search engine users are experiencing the greatest need/pain along with the intent to resolve it (searching for solutions)
  3. search engine effectiveness encourages you to produce better content which builds your brand and sales conversion potential and fuses with your social media campaigns
  4. high rankings on Google add prestige, credibility and assurance that your brand/product is current and significant
  5. Google presence provides persistent visibility to current customers who might be swayed by competitors (LTV, long term value)

Stiff Competition Means Ingenious Techniques Needed

Search Engine Rankings are competitive however, which brings us to the need for advanced search engine optimization strategy and techniques. The real value of advanced SEO is that it encourages organization and focus at a higher level. This creates more cohesive campaigns and comprehensive results.

Cut your quest for a great SEO provider short — go right to the SEO service packages page and discover how comprehensive AI Marketer’s solution is.


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