Real Estate Web Hosting

Real Estate Web Hosting

Web Hosting for Realtors When Realtors® want to improve leads and sales performance online, a typical process is to search for a Real Estate SEO expert and a good real estate marketing package. Their goal is lots of traffic, leads, and big exposure. The best real estate CRM and content hosting solution can add value….

Marketing Consultants

Marketing AI Assists Consultants The much hyped rise of artificial intelligence marketing systems in marketing, medicine, manufacturing, and other sectors has some experts suggesting consultants and agencies will soon be obsolete much like the dinosaurs. These so called expert forecasts are actually naive.  What’s ignored is that marketing consultant’s insights, productivity and services will be…

Martech Conference Blueshift Technology

Discover Martech Conference 2020 Do you need to keep up on the latest marketing technology, strategies and applications? Chief Martech and MarTech Today joined up to present Discover Martech, a 3 day online, virtual conference for marketing technology and solutions. The range of events and topics was extensive and specialized. Normally, you might yawn at…