Visibility and Success go Hand in Hand

We’re all invisible right now due to the Virus Pandemic and it does hurt our confidence and ambition. Yet some companies are invisible all the time, so things haven’t changed much for them.

For successful companies who haven’t pushed online, the loss of revenue has been catastrophic.

They need to respect the power of online visibility. The famous actress Marilyn Monroe understood visibility and success. She knew the film companies would build visibility for her. Being front and center, top of mind to a wide audience has a big payoff.

In this essential post, let’s discover how to grow your audience dynamically so that for the next 5 years, you’ll have the biggest reach and audience of anyone in your market.

From Visibility Comes Preference for Your Company

I’ve helped real estate publishers, real estate agents, brokers, building supply companies, moving companies, ad agencies, marketing agencies, tech firms, sports equipment companies, Silicon Valley tech companies, hotels, laser eye clinics, branding experts, and many more dominate visibility. Many were completely unknown.

Boston Moving CompanyGlobal Payments CompanyLaser Eye Clinic

High traffic and big reach were vital to them finding their best qualified, targeted prospects as well.  Prospects are not easy to reach online.  It’s a big sea and you need to fish in the right spots with a big net. I target the ultra best prospects as a substrategy within the SEO/Content Strategy. Clients lose nothing.

I know you’re not interested in the details, but there’s lots of tips below to help you understand that this isn’t a simple task. However, put in the work consistently everyday, with great content, expertly crafted, and you’ll have the visibility you want.

Let me handle the complications though, because you’re a busy business owner.  You’re looking for someone who has mastered this to take it to the next level for you. And I’m always progressing, including integrated AI marketing tools to let you scale up.

Why Is Visibility So Important?

Big brands splash their symbols and ads all over everything. You see them on billboards, subway ads, TV ads, via Facebook and Google adwords, and on every site they can get exposure on. Ask Proctor and Gamble, Apple, Toyota, REMAX, or Nestle’s brand managers and they’ll tell you visibility is everything. Today, you can be forgotten very quickly.

Targeting visibility to a tiny slice of current consumers who actually buy their products is risky. Why? That audience may not include brand evangelists, bloggers, journalists and other fans of your company. Does 10,000 visits a month sound okay when you could have 200,000 a month? That’s a massive crowd who could help you achieve more visibility with your best targets. Big brands know all about this magnification effect.

Constant Top of Mind is Powerful

Wide visibility keeps you constantly in everyone’s mind and you never who know who will be your newest fan. Business success requires reach and visibility first. And on the Internet, Google and Facebook are the real estate where your company must be widely present on.

That visibility itself makes an impact and it leverages credibility and relevance that’s free for the taking. If you rank on Google, consumers believe your company is a good one. More visibility, more value generated and more sales revenue possible.

Sure, you can spend your marketing budget on ads. But ads are a shallow impact medium that actually erode your brand image. To be truly credible, you need to be where customers are daily while working, shopping and socializing online. Being present there creates relevance. That’s what this post is all about.

Franklin Sports is a major brand in the world of sports equipment. You may have purchased some of their kids sports and recreational gear yourself.  I helped them launch into ecommerce with a some ecommerce SEO.

On searches for related sports equipment, such as baseball gloves, batting gloves, soccer nets, football uniforms, they dominated Google’s search results. It opened their eyes to how powerful ecommerce and SEO combined could be.

Expand Your Content to Adapt to the New Customer

Explore and open up all the possibilities because that’s how you build huge reach in the market.

Perhaps your business is going to look different (or not) when fall arrives and within a year, we might all back to where we were last February. Even the restaurants, salons, hotels, and travel agents will see old and new customers arrive again, after our vaccinations.

Right now consumers and B2B buyers are likely feeling different and buying different. It’s an altered mindset and for many decidedly negative. While your competition are wallowing in it, you can make this a launch platform (think about Spacex’s weird time for their rocket launch).

But if you watched the Spacex launch to the space station, it was a pretty upbeat and interesting learning experience. Okay, colonizing Mars is a little strange, but we have to dream don’t we?

Right Now, Build Your Brand

With everyone else subdued, you can plan and execute a new marketing strategy that establishes your business as optimistic, progressive, adaptable, delivering incomparable long term value. You have a short time to establish your brand is more relevant, dynamic and essential.

Delta Hotels enjoyed a good deal of traffic from business travellers and vacations looking for hotel rooms. Some clever copywriting and link building led to them dominating hotel related keyword phrases. Almost to embarrassment, their hotel location links where at the top, sometimes double or triple listings, and in special feature 10 packs.

The payoff was tremendous visibility for their brand and a big growth in room bookings.

What is a Brand without Visibility?

This post isn’t about any brand repositioning you might do, although being optimistic and upbeat can elevate your brand.

Instead, I wanted to discuss the critical importance of BIG visibility. Right now, your business may have minimal visibility with few visitors to your website. Restaurants websites for instance are likely dead because in some states, restaurants are shutdown. And for those that are open again, there are no customers.

Progressive restaurants jumped on the take out and delivery business model and some are seeing business pickup. A temporary fix for business continuity. Those businesses who visualize their business one way and can’t adapt may be at their end.

An Example of Content Heavy Websites

If you invest in the stock market, you’ve likely heard of the Motley Fool ( If you do stock market related keyword searches on Google, you’ll see their link.

They have 400,000 pages and posts indexed in Google.  Much of it is original, high quality content on topics like forecasts, stock market index trends, advice on best stocks to buy, and even vaccine stocks. Very informative for investors and not easy to compete with.

Screenshot courtesy of the

The enjoys some awesome traffic levels from people who want to know how to invest better and avoid being a fool!  Yes, SEO does generate a lot of value for them although they advertise too. You can use some SEO software platforms to analyze them if you like.

This screenshot using Spyfu gives a general overview of how they’re doing. The point of this is that SEO optimizes content within their content strategy.  It broadcasts their value proposition of expert stock market investment advice and stock portfolio management services.

Screenshot courtesy of

The Fool’s posts are definitely written with keywords and SEO in mind. The websites huge authority, credibility, engagement levels, and inbound links make it a dominant financial publisher.

If you ask them if SEO offers any value, they’d laugh hysterically. They’ve got an estimated 600,000 subscribers, 200 employees and $83 million plus in annual revenue. Could they do it without SEO?

Well, they’ve actually been around a long time and if you review their website, it’s a pretty straightforward one so you know they focus on content before graphic design.

On the downside, it seems their server and page loading speed is horrible — a problem a lot of sites are having these days. I even found their AMP pages to be slow. But that might tell you their content is that much better.

But they’re doing SEO and content strategy and it’s paying off. Your company should be doing this same thing. You’ve got proof that it can generate big returns. And when AI SEO software and AI content software are implemented along with an AI funnel optimization solution are deployed, the sky’s the limit for the Fool.

From Invisible to Suddenly Popular

When we talk about our website, blog, and social postings, we’re talking about content that lets us reach prospects and convince them to contact us. Content is the medium of attraction. Most website content isn’t that good.

Google bypasses or demotes most content and instead features a small select group of websites and posts that are unusually relevant to the searcher’s search query. My clients post show up a lot in featured results. The more exposure the better.

No matter how Google modifies the algorithm, my clients posts keep showing up. I make them super relevant in many different ways. That way they match the intent of all those different unique prospects. Conversion rates rise too.

Personalized Search Results

I’m sure you know, visibility on Google (and Facebook) is more difficult to get each month. Google’s search results are not uniform, they vary for each searcher based on their search history and search behavior.

To be “omni-visible” you need a more sophisticated level of content designed to match many different people’s intent. And ranking for one popular keyword phrase isn’t good enough. Your website needs to rank high for a lot of unique keyword phrases.

Achieving that requires a lot of content and copywriting engineering (which you can call research + content strategy + content hacking). If you’ve hired an amateur SEO who had some SEO tools that helped construct some obvious content, you likely ended up disappointed.

Well, SEO and content strategy aren’t easy. It’s competitive out there and even if you do everything technically correct, it might not be competitive enough to win top rankings and broad visibility.

With Google, Visibility Requires Relevance

To gain big visibility, you have to expand your understanding of your content. You need to broaden the scope of your topics, how they relate to your core offering, understand how your content fulfills the customer journey, and whether your content gets action at each customer touchpoint.

This makes your content relevant to Google in many different ways. And the more relevant you are with each aspect of relevance to the visitor, the more Google will consider your content.

For San Diego Hotels

To build visibility for a hotel in San diego for instance, you must build out a lot of content to focus on your top keyword phrases. For instance, a hotel in San Diego, would want to focus on hotels in San Diego, San Diego hotel, hotel deals San Diego, hotel booking downtown San Diego, airport hotel San Diego, etc.

These are the most relevant keyword phrases to put you directly in front of your target customers. Then comes secondary content related to the city, travel, tourist spots, and big events.

For a marketing agency, it might AI marketing agency, marketing agency San Diego, SEO San Diego, ppc management San Diego, web design agency, San Diego Seo, etc which aligns them with their most common target.

But for BIG VISIBILITY, do more.

Expand Your Content and Keep it Fresh

Here’s where you expand your content into new topics. For a hotel, it is commonly local restaurants nearby, travel deals, air plus hotel packages, etc. These are slightly off topic but often used by people who are planning a trip to San Diego.

Each of these can help you reach new sales leads, and build wider visibility and support your top keyword phrases.

Now consider how you might build out your content to capture traffic from millions of keyword phrases. I’ve done it for big companies. For one San Francisco tech company, I’ve grown their content tremendously while keeping it fresh and alive and producing. After all, it’s those old blog posts that create the most sales leads.

The Value of Visibility

Viral social media is all about visibility. One of your Twitter or Facebook posts could be shared exponentially where thousands of people see your post/content and your company name. That first introduction to your company or brand could be a positive one too.

Those social media shares and visibility can provide your Google rankings with a boost too. So the point of it, is that you’re getting reach to people out on both organic search and social media channels.  More visibility often generates shares, citations, mentions, and backlinks to your company website.

To register an impact with customers and consumers, you need a lot of impressions. People often pay attention or click to your site untill they’ve seen your messages/posts a lot of times. That repetition in many different topics build a dynamic image of your company in their minds.

Paid Advertising Isn’t the Panacea We’ve Been Told

If you’re reliant on paid advertising, the image customers get is monochromatic and dull. It doesn’t have the same impact as via deep, original content from a blog they return to again and again, for free.  Fresh content found via organic search presents your value proposition in several impactful ways and it build emotion, and emotion drives action.

Emotions are just the sum of repeated exposure and customer responses. If with every piece of content, they say “I like this company” or “this product is pretty good” and it builds preference.

It takes a lot to get visible, create relevance, and make prospects like and trust you. That’s we must break it down into its component parts.

How to Build Powerful Visibility


    1. research topics deeply so you can build authority and value
    2. write informative, helpful, positive, and supportive content that makes your prospect feel good
    3. relevance plus dynamic exposure builds interest
    4. likes plus topic authority creates respect and trust
    5. write content from the customer’s point of view to build rapport and show you’re on their side
    6. edit extensively and constantly hack or improve your content (after you’ve seen your initial rankings)
    7. map out relevant and related topics you need to cover
    8. link your content carefully to coach Google’s understanding of what your content means
    9. build a large group of reasonably relevant connections (lots of connections is good because you want more social shares)
    10. connect with influencers and Facebook groups to create visibility with these highly visible people
    11. post your content on platforms and even pay to expose your best pieces (PPC campaigns)
    12. use SEO software to keep an eye on your ranking changes as you post pieces and edit them
    13. check your Google webmaster console account to monitor visibility on all your keyword phrases
    14. quote other businesses name, content, people, products, etc in your posts (they’ll see and can submit your post to Google or share on social media
    15. submit well written press releases that support what you write in your blogs/posts
    16. write your content in an evergreen way where you can refresh it or repurpose it, so it’s constantly alive (old blog posts produce much more leads than new ones)


Don’t Forget Your Complete Outreach Strategy

If you combine a good outreach effort (paid ads, social media, press releases, blogs, blog commenting) with exceptional, relevant content, continuously, it keeps you established at top of mind with your audience. Don’t let up and let them be captured and influenced by another company or brand.

Content strategy isn’t just repetition. You need to present a series of posts, videos, photos, emails, press releases, product improvements, and announcements strategically to make a strong laser like impact.

Wide Visibility is the key goal, and of course communicating an impactful, action generating brand is what actually converts all that traffic.

Everyone hacks their way to success and we can build a strategy to make you market leader. Don’t wait till I’m taken. Call me now. 416 998 6246.


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