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Discover Martech Conference 2020

Do you need to keep up on the latest marketing technology, strategies and applications? Chief Martech and MarTech Today joined up to present Discover Martech, a 3 day online, virtual conference for marketing technology and solutions.

The range of events and topics was extensive and specialized. Normally, you might yawn at the idea of a virtual marketing conference and “Martech,” but I have to admit I like the concept when the people, topics, companies and technology is relevant.

When you attend an in person marketing conference event in California, Florida, UK or New York or Boston, you can’t attend enough of the sessions. So you rarely get your money’s worth.  And more importantly, you miss out on important ways to boost your marketing performance.

The Discover Martech Event brought in bright minds and experts in every imaginable area of digital marketing and of course, the session I was most interested in was in the topic of AI Marketing. You can register and view the sessions here.

Josh Francia CGO of Blueshift

My favorite session was from Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer of Blueshift.  Blueshift is a company I mention often along with other leading artificial intelligence marketing platforms.

In this session, he eloquently and clearly explains the 4 Ways AI Can Instantly Increase Results For Marketing Campaigns.  I list the 4 essentials below. Josh discusses how companies are using AI marketing software successfully and what they achieved. I have more links to further info on that below.

It’s important to know companies are experiencing wins, even small, so AI marketing clients are willing to get on board and enter this new era. Blueshift is leading the way in AI.  Josh used to be a Blueshift customer and for the last years and a half, he’s been an employee and evangelist for Blueshift’s unique system. What a great break to work with and play a key role in a leading AI tech company!

How Marketers are Using AI. Screenshot courtesy of Blueshift.

1. Predictive Software

Josh goes into Blueshift’s predictive intelligence capabilities. He says predictive segmentation to identify high low and medium intent customers. You would create a kind of lead score for a key outcome you’re interested in (who will buy in the next 2 weeks) via interaction with the software (you give the system a task).

High intent customers can be identified and then you can focus on them.  Better to try to convert the best prospects who are in the “hot zone” for the next month.

Afterward you can benchmark the results of this experiment and keep improving. Josh mentions a few companies who have done well using predictive segmentation.

2. Predictive Recommendations

Finding the right content for each segment is important. It’s like creating a catalog for each customer. This is a real time element to respond to customers on your site right now. This website and mobile personalization and personalized offers. They mention Zumper who got a 128% click through improvement and another company, Sweetness, saw 170% in conversion rates with predictive recommendations.

Finding the right prospect and serving up the right content is essential.

3.  Predictive Engage Time

Predicting best time to contact prospects and customers. Allowing AI to find the best time to send emails or messages and then actually send the email. Overall they achieved a 109% improvement across all their customers.

4. Predictive Channel Engagement

This software capability finds the best marketing channel to reach your prospects in a certain period of time.  Groupon improved their revenue improved by 81% just by putting efforts in the right channel.

Josh reiterates their message that focusing your efforts and time into the right customers or customer segments. It gives you a predictive score or likelihood rating about which channels will be successful.

Josh goes into specific high profile Blueshift customers who have seen big improvements and how Blueshifts system worked for them. Lending Tree is one big customer that was helped by Blueshift. He mentions that a Forrestor study of Blueshift clients found an 781% ROI improvement and 129 million improvement, mostly due to AI during the test period.

See more on the home rental and apartment rental listing service named Zumper, and their success with Blueshift’s AI marketing solution.

Learn more about Blueshift AI and about the top AI marketing companies offering solutions marketers can use today.

It’s great to hear directly from experts within the best AI marketing companies.  Of course, it’s even better to know more about innovative content strategy, SEO techniques, and how you’ll improve your value proposition.  Brilliant creative guided by AI system feedback is what will separate winners from losers in the next 5 years.


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