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Reach and high visibility through big traffic is the smartest, least costly, most sustainable marketing strategy for smart companies.

The value compounds too.  You learn more, expand your reach organically, and with new AI marketing solutions, you can personalize content for each single visitor.

The problem with wide visibility previously was that the content presented still served only a few visitors well. 1% converted while 99% bounced. If you’re not sure why your site is suffering low performance, considering getting a marketing performance audit.

High Visibility Generates Access to the Best Prospects

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

High visibility is far preferable to a short term tactical approach where you pay through the nose for limited exposure and sales. Big reach and high visibility produces familiarity, raises conversion rates, helps social sharing, and increases the volume of real customers.

And, at some point you reach the very best customers and prospects too.

Big organic reach bolsters ad click throughs too, because consumers/prospects have seen your name before.

Advertisers know how many exposures it creates to make a sale. For most businesses, that frequency is missing, or is only present in ads. Being visible in organic content means higher relevance, comfort and trust with prospects and your returning customers. Constant exposure helps keep customers loyal.

Investors Want Sustainable Success

Here’s why you need to refocus on big traffic: it feeds a market leader strategy. Which company is most investible? Investors will tell you every time, it’s the sustainable one that can build market leader or monopoly status.

A major hotel brand client of mine had 1.2 million visitors per year when I began working with them. It wasn’t too long before I had them up to 2.5 million visitors per year. That traffic boosted their brand awareness, and once vacationers became familiar with them, hotel bookings rose.

A sports equipment manufacturer had little exposure until I did some SEO magic for them. The result was a huge growth in visits and sales because we were reaching consumers who loved their products once they found them.

Demand was there. They just weren’t present for thousands of keyword search phrases on Google.

High visibility leads to better SEO results and allows great content to reach the target audience somehow.

Are You Stressed by Insufficient Expensive Online Traffic?

Are you obsessed with your conversion rates? I guess with your cost of acquisition rising through the roof (Google and Facebook making billions from ads), you might be getting really pushy with your few visitors to force an action or a sale. Pressuring reduces comfort and trust, and it may be alienating your prospects.

PPC rates via Adsense, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are tough to fork out if your UVP and conversion strategy isn’t perfect. And prospects seem tougher to convert given all the competitive offers they see online. Annoying ads are plastered all over and they cheapen the value offers.

You’re likely concerned about the ever-rising cost of online visibility. Creating visibility and familiarity is tough to do only via paid channels. Boosting posts for instance is great for Facebook but maybe not for direct sales conversion.

Google and Facebook Keep Reducing Reach

You may not know it, but Google and the social channels are reducing your organic reach. It doesn’t matter that you have 20,000 social connections because your posts aren’t getting seen. If you’re using buffer or sprout social, you might be seeing very low reach and no engagement.

The response for many marketers today is to pay more.

Maybe you should head back to the drawing board and launch a new strategy. It’s worth it. There’s no eliminating paid ads but they have to be used only to complement organic visibility.

8 Ways To Build Organic Reach:


    1. invest in your website – make it unique to create an experience visitors love
    2. invest in research and content – you need really excellent content
    3. focus on your blog and Facebook account – this is where customers connect with your brand
    4. build a content strategy that works for social media and Google search rankings
    5. hire an expert SEO/Content strategist – an experienced expert builds value for your email, social media, and value proposition too
    6. invest more in marketing — it’s critical to success, and putting sales first
    7. think long term with a wide net strategy to build visibility and reach
    8. invest in active link building along with passive tactics


Big Reach is What You Need

You can have big reach. You can beat the market leaders. I’ve done it many times.

Visibility creates familiarity, trust, and keeps your brand omnipresent. That’s a good place to be. And SEO and Content strategy aren’t all that expensive compared to paid media. This is something you must commit to if your goal is sustainable success.

AI Marketers provides unique content, SEO, social media, PPC, and funnel optimization services for software companies, manufacturers, hotels, recruiters, moving companies, publishers, mountain bike manufacturers, sports equipment retailers, building supplies companies, window and door companies, Realtors, investment companies, IT companies, clean energy, consumer products, branding consultants and many more.

Begin your market leader journey with a digital marketing performance review. and hiring a professional level SEO company to make this year a great one.

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