Personalization at Scale via Real Customer Behavior

Build Sales Through Real Customer Behavior

How do you know what your customer wants and how their journey results in a sale?  Do you know why your customers buy from you, and why you got sales one week but not another?

The reason is luck or chance. If one in one thousand prospects became a customer, then how would 20 customers created per one thousand go? The reason all those people leave and don’t buy is because your content et al, didn’t work.

Unique Content Designed for Actual Customers

It’s simple. Your content strategy failed. Your selected materials, messages, visuals, and path were not aligned for each of those unique visitors. So if you use the traditional one content fits all approach, it might work for one visitor yet fail for all the others.

Given what the new AI marketing solutions can offer, there is a case here for behavior-based content creation and delivery. AI can guide everything from how you create content to SEO to the conversion pathway.  If you build your online marketing strategy on real, actual customer behavior rather than guesswork, your conversion rates could skyrocket.

Intuition, Experience and Customer Profiles Don’t Work

Of course, some marketers have been using profiling to design and adjust their online content experience and promotional messaging (customer experience) but it isn’t good enough anymore, if it ever was.  Others go by their long experience and hunches, but with tens of thousands of visitors and customers, how could that be good enough?

While profiling had its use in response to a dearth of customer data, it wasn’t that accurate. The fact is, each customer is unique. Each one has their own purpose, specific pain points, needs, attitudes, preferences, knowledge, and is in their own phase in the buying cycle. Each customer has their own search history and content view history.

No customer is alike.  That’s why there’s little point in grouping them into categories. And automated marketing systems haven’t been very successful with it. Do new AI systems have something extra that makes a difference?

Customer profiling and traditional content development is old news because AI marketing systems are taking over by using real customer behavior. Yes, it’s early in the AI marketing revolution, but this is one area you need to understand.

Behavioral-Based Customer Engagement

In the past, there was no way to greet each website visitor like they were a familiar old friend. And there was no way to know what specific information was needed to be given to them, or when to present it to them. Real time views of visitors on your website was possible, but there was nothing you could do to help convert them to a sale. You were like a ghost watching helplessly.

While post visit analytics can create useful general insights (although many analytics solutions do not create much that is actionable and reliable at the individual visit level) it’s only an AI platform that’s ready for the visitor and serve up the right content at the right time.

Real Time Engagement with AI Software

And by content, we mean everything from navigation links, to videos, to blog posts, to custom niche-topic marketing pages and pop up chat. It’s content the visitor/customer actually needs and wants.

What AI software solution providers such as Albert and Blueshift have discovered is that real-time engagement by an AI system increases relevance and reduces friction. The customer journey becomes smoother, more satisfying and engaging.

When a customer finds what they want, even the customer service function is optimized. The customer becomes more confident of what they want, that they will be satisfied via customer service, and it requires less time for problem resolution (questions/responding). The sales conversion process is faster and fewer sales go wrong.

More Powerful Testing means More Power to Satisfy

AI software such as Albert or Blueshift as an example allows the consolidation of all data related to the customer. It creates what they call the single customer view.

These systems can test different content pieces, headlines, product photos, layouts, events, navigation paths etc, to discover which works best. They test to discover the well worn paths to high engagement, a sale or to long term customer loyalty. Testing means they’re actively involved in cultivating a customer, so gone are the days of passive customer engagement and resignation to lost sales.

Personalization at Scale is Key

What most marketers realize is that a one-size-fits-all communication strategy fails miserably.

You might have heard the personalization term frequently, and in fact, Blueshift AI is focusing on personalization at scale. It refers to serving visitors/customers one to one, no matter how many there are. Research shows that customers who receive personalized experiences stay longer and buy more. There’s a direct relationship between personalization and earnings. In fact, personalization reduces costs.

Real Time Means Right Now

And these AI systems help to respond immediately to subtle differences in how visitors behave. When each customer is greeted and served as a unique, known customer, they feel more comfortable, confident, and optimistic. The growth in sales is profound. The stats reported in the Blueshift/Forrestor TEI Report pubished this year shows some impressive results.

Screen capture courtesy of

Their solution and the emphasis on personalization creates so many benefits, you’ll have to check out the 20 page report yourself.

In Forrestor’s analysis of benefits in the study, they found dollar value benefits in increased sales, reduced losses, real time engagement, streamlined workflow, and improved cross channel customer engagement reached a total $10,941,429 value. That was over a 3 year period. Net income from AI-powered targeting and realtime interactions grew about $300,000 per year.

With Forrester conducting the research and ensuring validity, we can feel pretty confident of Blueshift’s AI software solution.


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