Venturing into AI Marketing

Is your small to medium sized company ready to venture into AI marketing?  Most companies are reluctant to get started with research and testing products for content, funnel optimization or SEO.

Honestly, the artificial intelligence marketing sector is young and doesn’t have the polished, end to end, low-priced solution many small business owners demand.

However, many small business owners are beginning to see how the post pandemic era won’t be business as usual.

After you’ve enjoyed the insights from a digital marketing audit, you’ll be wondering about the benefits of AI software next.  But AI software won’t solve all your issues. It actually serves to give you better insight into campaign performance (although real time personalized delivery is an exceptional benefit).

New Tools Give you an Edge

And which companies are rising out of the recession to become market leaders? Innovators and those with vision and courage have better 10 year outlooks. Vision often precedes courage.  If you don’t have vision, well, the AI marketing tools can still help make you look like a genius.

To find out what they can do, you need to give them a test drive.  Do you really need a business case study this time?  Finding the right solution for your small business is the task at hand.

If you had to choose one AI marketing solution, to help you ease into it and learn, it might be Pathfactory.  It’s a content testing and performance tool for marketing content. It helps you identify which pages, blogs, pdfs, videos, webinars, and ads work best to capture and convert leads.  It optimizes the lead conversion pathway.

If PathFactory or other similar lead funnel solution work, you might not need anything else (except creative content creators and SEO experts).

Why is Tesla Doing So Well?

Companies like Google, Tesla and Amazon survived the last recession and rocketed forward to become monopolies. And in the case of Tesla, the chance to innovate, grow new opportunities and maximize revenue never ends. The rocketing Tesla stock price says it’s a juggernaut.

Consider Elon Musk’s noisy PR efforts that have given Tesla immense global reach. Reach is a must before a company can begin capturing and converting sales leads. He always comes up with new products, viewpoints, and is never afraid to innovate.  He doesn’t let fear stop him.

Tesla built a platform of innovation, which allows them to grow and progress into different markets beyond solar power, EVs, batteries and communication satellites. Tesla’s real business model is a digital services subscription business.  This is the model everyone is after.

Once you get established with the new AI tools, especially with extra funding, the sky’s the limit for you too.

Begin Your Investigation into AI

It may have taken some time, but these innovative companies were different. They didn’t wait for success, they evolved and used available tools to identify their best prospects and converted better.  Of course the big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Tesla are all into artificial intelligence.

Many times, it comes down to the courage and faith of the company’s leader. It really is as simple as that.

These visionary leaders can see where marketing technology is going and they believe they have the resources, people and drive to get there. It’s as easy as catching a connecting train. Belief drives smart actions.

Right now, the pandemic recession is getting us down. If your situation is dim and you’re blowing money on projects that may not produce a big win, why not let yourself feel the disappointment and pain for a moment. Better to get it out of your system, so you can refresh and move on.

Perhaps some of your marketing efforts are good, yet aren’t getting the right support.  Ramp it up with AI marketing.

Let AI Inform and Guide your Decisions

And what digital marketers are moving onto is artificial intelligence-guided marketing. That’s right, AI marketing systems guide, and in return receive guidance, to reach our destination of market leadership.

If you’re excited about Marketing AI, then get introduced, check out the software solutions, and dig deeper at how your SEO, content, customer engagement and sales revenue will be affected.


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