Why the Focus on SEO Software?

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

You may not know it, but interest in SEO software, apps, tools, or platforms is rising again. Why? The most likely answer is that Google is making keyword rankings very challenging for small companies.

B2B and B2C marketers aren’t sure what to do. Many are hoping SEO software platforms might be an oracle. These search engine optimization platforms are used by SEO companies, SEO consultants, link builders and outreach providers, ppc specialists, and copywriters.

They all face the same task: rankings, visibility and clicks but it’s more complicated all the time. The specter of zero click searches is starting to eat into company’s bottom lines. Hence the interest in seo software companies.

Ranking is Getting Tougher

Despite the growing frustration by business owners and marketers with how Google is throttling traffic to our websites, there is still considerable value in free organic traffic that’s flowing out of Google.com. As you’ll see below, that traffic has a significant dollar value. The interest in SEO software reflects marketers need to be better at what they do.

We all go through these competition induced leaps in productivity. And yes, the new AI marketing tools are a vital asset in the competitive marketing wars.

Most SEO software platforms can help your SEO execution and optimization of content. However you’re more likely to benefit from new AI content optimization or content funnel optimization solutions. Your focus should be moving forward to AI SEO software.

Will SEO Software Deliver?

If you hire a top notch SEO consultant, you might be surprised at how little they use the services of SEO software companies such as Spyfu, Moz. SemRush, or ahrefs. Instead, they’re more likely looking at sales funnel software and high end content analytics software for clues as to what is working. Although high rankings and big traffic are top goals, the bottom line is sales.

Nevertheless, businesses are under intense pressure to regain traffic, leads and sales they’ve lost because of competition and Google’s latest algorithm updates. Everyone’s organic traffic has dropped this past year.

The size of the SEO software market is growing at quite a clip (14% per year).

SEO Software Market Forecast. Screenshot courtesy of Technavio.com

Most Popular SEO Software Platforms

Take a quick look at two of the best SEO software tools and platforms now. Let’s see what Spyfu tells us about them.
Ahrefs offers the standard tracking of website rankings, traffic, monetary value of clicks, and backlinks. Of late, interest in their search engine optimization research and monitoring tool has been growing.

Will this continue rising all year? No, interest grows and wanes according to the time of year and Google’s algorithm changes.

Ahrefs is a very popular SEO tool.  This graphic below shows the click value of ahrefs organic traffic from search engines — a rough estimate of $61 Million per month. That’s very good.  ahrefs works hard to promote their product.

You can see why Google and Bing would love to have a bigger share of the revenue for themselves.

Screenshot courtesy of Spyfu.com

It’s the same bump in traffic for Moz too. Their estimated click value is $10 million per month which marks them as a very successful company.  ahrefs.com has 2200 pages indexed in Google, not quite white what Moz has below, so you might say ahrefs has something interesting going on that it’s able to outcompete Moz.

Moz SEO. Screenshot courtesy of Spyfu.com

They have 65,000 pages indexed in Google, a considerable army of pages that cater to every aspect of SEO, SEM and content optimization. Moz.com’s organic clickvalue is estimated at $13 M per month, a sizable number.
And Spyfu itself garners a lot of traffic as an SEO software research tool.

Spyfu SEO. Screenshot courtesy of Spyfu.com

What Can the SEO Software Tools Do For You?

There are a few valuable insights these solutions can help with. Their revelation of top performing content pages helps you find topics and content strategies that might work for you.


    • finding important sites that link to the top ranking websites in your sector
    • finding content topic gaps
    • finding top competing pages and what they rank for on Google
    • monitoring new backlinks and lost backlinks
    • tracking anchor text and title tags of key web pages
    • watching which keywords your competitors are advertising for (ppc campaigns)
    • help you with an SEO site audit
    • social media posts related to your website


This video from ahrefs, offers tips for users:

SEO for Real Estate

Real Estate SEO is a big money opportunity, yet surprisingly, many brokers leave the lion’s share of the traffic and sales value to the major real estate portals.

Here’s a site you might be familiar with. Realtor.com as you can see has a huge volume of organic traffic. Spyfu values that traffic at $100 million per month, or $1.2 Billion per year. Wow, you’d wonder why other companies aren’t more aggressive and intelligent about grabbing a piece of the online real estate market.

Realtor SEO. Screenshot courtesy of Spyfu.com

It’s likely that those start ups with artificial intelligence aided SEO software are aiming to top the big portals. Zillow and NAR have such a monopoly position that some serious AI solutions will be necessary.

Zillow SEO. Screenshot courtesy of Spyfu.com

And here’s their top competitor, Zillow.com with their even more impressive click value of $144 million per month. Why is Zillow so much better? They’re more free with content, have faster updates, and perhaps put more effort into SEO.

Final Thoughts on Standard SEO Software

Do these SEO Software solutions actually aid the creation of excellent, viral, backlink creating content? Do they help find those keywords that translate to actual revenue?

They actually can help identify high performing content on Google and in social media. If you want to know whose content is hot and productive, this might be the best way to find it. Is it worth $180 per month? All these subscription fees add up.

The SEO research tools help us learn about our competition — who supports them, sends them traffic, which is their best content, as well as which productive keywords rank for on Google. As the name of one of them suggests (Spyfu) they might be more of a competitive intelligence tool.

After you’ve used them to discover more about why your competition is successful, you’re back to designing your own content and keyword ranking strategy.

Whether you’re a small biz marketing manager or an SEO consultant, modern digital research and competitive intelligence tools are helpful. You might find these are great for a few months, and you capture the vital info you need.

Then it’s onto more serious marketing software. Read more about AI SEO software, AI Marketing software, AI sales software and AI content funnel optimization platforms. The headache for you will be to choose a tool that’s right for you.


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