Best 25 Ways to Rank High on Google

Best 25 Ways to Rank High on Google

The magic formula to ranking high on Google’s search results pages is well written about online. Unfortunately, much of their well meaning advice doesn’t really have an impact on high rankings.

Best practices, guidelines, and keyword matching simply don’t create the impact Google or Bing want.  Simply inserting keywords into your title tag, h1 tags and anchor text won’t create high rankings. I’m assuming you’re already doing basic SEO on your site, fixed technical website and navigational issues so your site is mobile friendly, and you’ve done some research on the keywords you’d like to rank for.

Don’t concern yourself with Google’s algorithm updates, and all the buzz words. Stay focused on the major goals and these 25 additional tips to build a high ranking page or website. You’re read to hire an expert and have them apply Advanced SEO strategies to give you an extreme advantage in 2022.

The 2 Major Ranking Building Criteria

There’s two major rank building tasks you must carry out, content plus building reach. These are the 2 pillars of search engine optimization and they’re in your hands.

1) Quality Content: Research and compose great content that people relish. Good content is authoritative, well constructed so it appeals to Google’s own quality criteria. It can read your content to a certain extent to extract its meaning. It can also read it for coherence, organization, and keyword usage. It’s not just keywords, but how keywords are used in sentences that matters.

2) Attracting Links: the essence of ranking high comes down to creating excellent content that other people will share and link to. Gathering links from quality websites is always the best way to create high rankings on Google. Bloggers, journalists and industry people will only link to your content if it is valuable, relevant and of good quality.

With the two major tasks prepared for, you’re now ready to fine tune them to make your site hit a winning note with Google’s ranking system.

These 25 improvements carry the most weight, and they’ll help you overcome any weaknesses in your ranking power that are tripping you up.

Here’s 25 Tips to Create High Rankings

  1. valuable, insightful, helpful relevant content which keeps visitors on your site longer and not bouncing back to Google
  2. fun, exciting, entertaining, emotionally engaging content that builds loyalty and encourages visitors to stay longer on your site and find more great content
  3. content that social media users like to share, like, and talk about
  4. pay influencers to discuss and promote your product/service (reach to relevant audiences is good)
  5. produce downloadable reports, case studies, videos, and how-to reports on a specific relevant to topic that visitors will mention to their social connections or discuss on their blog
  6. buy sponsorships with key industry portals and magazines and arrange to get some quality content posted on their site (pay an industry expert to write the content if you can’t)
  7. contribute some original, excellent, high value, and educational content to universities and colleges so professors and students will link to your website
  8. create a great web page with helpful summaries and a nice infographic that people will link to (e.g., search engine journal)
  9. add social sharing buttons to your pages (shareaholic widget) so users will spread your message
  10. write your content professionally with ideas presented and laid out well, with a story line, so the reader progresses naturally and doesn’t bounce off the site (vigorous editing)
  11. improve your page speed scores (core metrics) or use Google AMP to create fast loading pages
  12. keep your content very fresh and updated and add new info and images
  13. ensure you cover topics thoroughly but don’t repeat ideas on additional pages/blog posts
  14. remove any over-optimization on your pages and internal linking as Google is sensitive to over-optimization as they have penalties. And overoptimization also lowers your trust score
  15. ensure your best, most important pages are well linked to within your website (focus your Pagerank) and ensure your key cornerstone content piece is linked to from other top pages on your site (makes it easy for Google to understand what your most important content is about)
  16. pay to boost your social media post or running an ad campaign (get wider visibility)
  17. run your SEO campaign as part of digital marketing blitz so you make a bigger impact (it takes many exposures to get people to take heed of you and your content)
  18. write quality articles for other website owners in your industry
  19. understand your audience’s need and intent and create content and a conversion funnel that suits that purpose
  20. complete your Google local business profile and ensure your site is listed
  21. include @sign alerts on your social posts to engage key industry people and influencers in your post
  22. target keyword phrases that aren’t too competitive for you to rank on right now
  23. demonstrate caring in your content copy and tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing (a noble reason) as this encourages links and sharing
  24. write on the topic with a good deal of depth, nuance and character and ensure it is coherent (editing strongly)
  25. ensure your copy contains keyword stemmed variations, synonyms, and semantically related keywords (study top ranking site’s pages and the web pages that link (backlinks) to those pages to find the words Google’s algorithm considers relevant

If there’s one decision that will ensure you get top rankings on Google, it’s by establishing a good budget and then hiring a genuine SEO expert.

Your SEO Service Packages should begin with an SEO audit, or perhaps even a digital marketing audit. A combination of expertly, written, authoritative content will lift your Google rankings and engage and even excite your customers. These are people looking for the solution they offer, but they don’t recognize your service/product is the best.

Call me today at 416 998 6246 to discuss a successful SEO strategy that adds value to your marketing campaigns.

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