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4 Great AI Analytics Solutions

I can attest to the fact that for small businesses (SMBs), one of the biggest failings in marketing is the lack of actionable analytics.

When you don’t have good insight into the success of your content, SEO, engagement levels, or conversion funnel, you don’t know what to do next. You’re in the dark.  New AI analytics solutions are offering user friendly dashboards to help rid you of this pain and elevate every aspect of your marketing. We looked at some great AI marketing tools previously, so let’s now review the top AI analytics solutions.

Let AI Automation Do all the Painful Work

You’ve seen your usual Google analytics reports in your Dashboard. They give you a good look at aggregate data including visitors, geo location, time on page, and conversion rates. They even offer tips.

GA isn’t focused on conversion and funnel metrics.  Their information does little to help you discover key conversion, revenue and sales insights, and predict what your customer will do next. When you get command of high end analytics, your confidence soars. The AI analytics solutions is what we’re investigating today.

The Trouble with Old School Analytics

Working with your spreadsheets takes too much time every month. It’s exhausting. What you need is an automated artificial intelligence-based analytics solution. And there are a few that even let you ask analytics questions in regular language and get quick, deep reports in return. How amazing is that?

The issue of course with Google Analytics, is the data is too vast and general. There’s no way you can parse it to gain insight into who your best prospect is, what their needs and intent are, nor how to perfect your content path to build a sales inducing customer journey.

Well, as luck would have it, there are some artificial intelligence based tools introduced below, which can comb through the data to find the sales patterns you seek automatically. Now you can start loving analytics.

Realtors Especially See Their Traffic Come and Go

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

Let’s say you’re a Realtor with a sharp, tidy looking real estate website. You’re leveraging mls database listings and a great CRM, and you’ve got plenty of visitors arriving daily. Maybe your lead generation machine is capturing prospects, but you’re not pulling in leads.

You can see what they viewed, and that they exited. Worse, sometimes they bounce which doesn’t help your Google rankings. Yes, there’s lots of data in your log files, but you can’t get much out of them.

Your idx or rets based system might try to force them to register, but they either leave, or you can’t learn enough about them that would help you create a lead and transaction. And finding a real seller lead? Well forget about it.

Big Expensive Real Estate Hosting Services

Even Realtors (as an example) using the best high priced real estate website marketing solutions such as Real Estate Webmasters aren’t getting insights they need (nor predict or automate the delivery of personalized content to each visitor in real time).

So initially, what you have is a visitor/customer analytics problem. Then you still have a predictive content and customer journey problem. Let’s tackle the marketing analytics challenge first.

What is AI Analytics

AI analytics is a subset of business intelligence where AI automates the steps that humans would take to complete analysis. AI can analyze data faster, deeper and identify stats that a human with spreadsheets can’t. In turn that insight can help predict future customer behavior and help with content personalization and funnel optimization.

Marketing Analytics Solution: Pave AI

The beautiful thing about Artificial intelligence marketing software solutions, is that amateurs can gain fantastic insight and sales conversion power without much experience. The gist of AI software is that it finds what works. It bypasses the need for experience and talent, except for a smart marketer to guide and be informed by the system. We do still need smart marketers, but they’re going to be much smarter using new AI analytics tools.

So is there an actual AI Analytics solution or platform that can identify your best prospects? There’s a few AI analytics software solutions including PaveAI, Tellius, AnswerRocket, Oribi and more. Each of them has some uniquely valuable angles. Let’s take a look at 4 good ones.

PAVE AI Analytics

Pave AI is an artificial intelligence based marketing analytics solution with modules for enterprise, SMB, or agency customers. Pave AI works with your Google Analytics data. It uses an app that connects with and analyzes your Google analytics data and starts helping you make sense of it.

Note: Albert AI also operates on top of the Google marktech stack, but it’s way more expensive.

Given the potential improvement in your marketing and sales, $100 a month for PaveAI is quite a bargain. Just the insight and experience with any SMB AI marketing software, if you can get it, it’s worth it. The insights should help you get focused on finding your best prospects and lead sources, the dollar value, and which content is your real conversion funnel. Right now, you don’t know these things.


Answer Rocket Home Page
Answer Rocket – Screenshot courtesy of

As AnswerRocket themselves describe, their AI analytics solution uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to automate the hard work of business analysis. You can run diagnostic and predictive analysis and automate your analytics workflows.

What many SMB owners will like is how you can ask questions in natural language to run instant reports.

Answer Rocket Dashboard – Screenshot courtesy of

Insight is what it’s about and Answerrocket helps you see trends and changes in data as well as correlations. It also calls out outliers or inconsistencies. It’s augmented

Answerrockets connects with many databases including Google Analytics.

Answer Rocket Prices

Answerrocket doesn’t publish their prices, but suffice to say they’re a potential mid-sized company solution.


Like many other AI analytics companies, Tellius calls their solution augmented analytics. This refers to additional services on analytics.

Screen shot courtesy of Tellius AI Analytics

As Tellius describes, their product is an “AI-driven augmented analytics platform which enables business and data teams to ask questions in natural language and automatically discover insights across multiple data sources at scale.”

Tellius AI benefits:


    • instant insights
    • ask questions in natural language
    • applies ML to business workflow
    • cleans and joins all your data
    • is infinitely scalable




Oribi analytics is all about quick reports, easy workflow, funnel conversions, and helping you optimize for better performance. We might have a winner for small business in Oribi. Their focus isn’t on data, mysterious pricing models, or basic reports.

Oribi focuses on the conversion funnel and customer journey. They help you find holes in your conversion bucket, and find behaviors and events that drive conversions. You can analyze your marketing channels, apply smart filters and build a better strategy.

Learn more about Oribi via their video.

There is an advanced ai analytics solution for your particular budget.

There are plenty of inputs to a success marketing effort today. I wouldn’t say the AI analytics software is anymore valuable generally speaking than AI content software, AI SEO software, AI marketing software, or AI sales software. You must find the best solution for you.


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