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AI Copywriting Software?

More startups are developing marketing AI solutions for every area of your marketing department. And they promise to be profitable as well as helpful for your staff.

We’ve taken a look at Artificial intelligence marketing software, AI marketing toolsAI Sales Software, and AI Search Engine Optimization software, so it’s time for the next topic of AI writing software.

These are heavier duty, well designed AI copywriting applications set for advancement, not the article writing apps that dot the web landscape.

The End of Copywriters and Content Strategists?

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

Copywriters, bloggers and content marketers work hard to create and craft content that’s captivating, informative and action generating. There are aspects of writing that take a considerable amount of intelligence and strategy, which non-writers may not be aware of.

Many marketing managers consider content and copywriting as a commodity. For them, switching to computer generated content might be something they’d pay more for. But are they aware of what they’ll receive?

As we’ll explore in this post, the rise of AI writing software shouldn’t be an either or or matter.  Copywriters should create the content with the guidance of AI analytics. AI adapts the copy to suit individual visitor. Together, AI and copywriters can make copywriting one of a company’s biggest assets.

Phrasee AI

Copywriters Are Creative

Expert online copywriters are able to visualize, research, and create content that serves a multitude of purposes simultaneously. This requires skill and judgement, something the AI writing solutions below haven’t quite achieved yet.

Content creators research topics to find relevant topics and angles that haven’t been explored by others.  They take a current topic and try to make it epic. From topic research to keyword usage and SEO rankings, to persuasion, trust and authority building, to sales conversion, there’s a lot of thought put into copywriting and content.

And topic and industry expertise is a valuable asset since readers want detailed and expert points of view.

If AI writing software can fulfill all the demands an online copywriter faces, then it is truly a remarkable product. And that’s what’s trending now.

AI marketing has another extension — software that can autonomously generate professional grade copywriting.

I’ve tried a couple of these so called AI assisted writing applications and I felt they were not very good. However, there are some higher priced products that will aid in content marketing success.

Can Robots Replicate our Subtlety and Emotional Impact?

Some content creators are product experts with industry experience, brilliant communicators and very innovative. How could it be possible for AI systems to replicate what they do and make it read perfectly human? How could the copy and topic treatment stimulate an emotional response if a robot doesn’t know what emotion is?

From advertising copy to blogs to serious industry whitepapers, it’s hard to imagine a robot producing copy that’s more fun, effective and on brand than experienced copywriters. Robots don’t know what fun is or want a brand is for that matter.

Take a look at the heralded OpenAI app called Texttransformer. I asked it if 2020 is a good time to buy a home.

The fact is though, that AI marketing systems are improving, and moving into content marketing, producing ad copy, writing press releases and even blogs. It’s a trend business owners and marketers should understand.

What if AI Aids Copywriters?

We shouldn’t look at this as copywriters vs robots. The fact is, copywriter’s work can be greatly assisted and enhanced via AI systems. So human copywriters won’t be standing still in the battle for improvement. AI insights will help them be more creative and effective. Without AI guidance, most copywriters won’t be able to stay competitive.

Talented, creative, emotion stimulating copywriters will never be out of work however. They have a range of relevant creativity that AI robots won’t possess for a long time. However, if human copywriters are given the powerful insights from AI analytics technology, combined with real time engagement of AI, their readers and customers can be reached in powerful new ways.

AI + copywriters seems to be the best combination. Firms that get rid of their copywriters or reduce their pay will likely find out that AI systems have very limited imagination and don’t really understand the key points of why they’re creating content.

Artificial Intelligence Offers some Significant Benefits

One big advantage these systems offer is called AI personalization. An AI writing system can automate the personalization of content for each individual visitor. Can you imagine an AI robot instantly rewriting a unique, lengthy, epic blog post for each arriving visitor (knowing that each visitor has different interests and goals)?

Is it possible that the AI writing systems don’t need an imagination, but rather just an original seed document which they edit and test continuously until it reaches perfection? These points plus some successful case studies are making companies believe in AI Marketing software and AI writing software.

AI Being Utilized for Ad Copywriting

For simple text ad writing, it’s being used frequently. There’s not much room for creativity and imagination in sentences of 32 characters. However, if each text ad could be tailored specifically for each prospect in real time (on Facebook or Google) you can see how much more effective this could be.

“Persado believes it can help win every moment of the customer journey.  Our AI-powered message machine understands language and breaks down marketing creative into its critical elements: narrative, emotion, descriptions, calls-to-action, formatting, and word positioning. The machine applies its understanding of language to a marketing brief from your team, creating the best message to speak to your customers in your brand’s voice across all channels.”

It may be true, that Persado’s ability to position words and to test descriptions, narrative, and calls to action is far beyond the average human copywriter.

AI Writing Software Case Studies

Recently Chase Bank conducted some experiments testing AI writing software against its human counterparts. The AI system did so well, that they’ve inked a deal with Persado to continuing writing advertising for them.

Persada AI Writing Software Success

It’s in the world text ad copywriting where Persado can make an impact.

Persado AI Writing Software Features and Benefits
Screenshot courtesy of Persado

If Persado progresses into the realm of all purpose copywriting and content marketing, I would certainly use it if only for the insights. However, if the software doesn’t give up its secrets, your potential for optimizing your campaigns would be limited.

The thing about Marketing AI is that it need to be shared and allowed to evolve. The AI system needs human input and that human input will be less useful with the guidance of AI insights. The improved insights from Marketing AI analytics will produce a revolution in human marketing expertise.

So the real value of products such as the ones listed below, is in how they supercharge copywriter’s own style and strategies.

According to Marketing AI Institute, Tomorrow Sleep began using MarketMuse’s AI-powered content intelligence and strategy platform. They report huge increases in traffic, better domain authority, and higher rankings.

The market for AI assisted writing software is growing fast. Companies believe they can save a lot of money with AI technology. You may have seen some of these products such as Grammarly, Frase, Persado, Phrasee, AI-writer, Textio, Cognifyd, MasterWriter, Cortx and Qordoba for instance.

Persado Writing Software

Let’s take a closer look at Persado, since they appear to have a leadership in the AI writing software marketplace.
Persado’s solution uses a huge database of language to build your brand voice, and make your email s and landing pages personalized, engaging and compelling delivery. It is said to manage your messaging across all channels.
It’s in the area of analytics, testing, learning, and finding the best copywriting results.

I like the promise of AI marketing, AI SEO software, and AI assisted copywriting and content strategy. It will make us human marketing strategists much more productive. The content testing and real time personalization and engagement capabilities will be very helpful to us.

In fact, more marketers will be claiming to be experts simply because of the rich AI powered data and tools they have.

Currently, no full service marketing AI software integrates AI writing modules in its solution, but you should be able to integrate analytics, ppc campaigns, email campaigns, and SEO tracking into these solutions.

The success of content is critically important, so programs like this might be the first AI marketing software products you’ll adopt before you progress to more complete AI solutions to manage all channels simultaneously.

What an exciting new era for marketers and startup companies. Can’t wait to see the results.


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