Aspen/SnowMass Mountain Biking

I was eagerly looking forward to visiting SnowMass Colorado to do some hiking and mountain biking last summer. While attending a convention in Denver, I was able to attend a Colorado Rockies Baseball game and more events in downtown Denver.

Yet visiting the Colorado Rocky Mountains was a bigger thrill. Aspen and Snowmass are two very popular destinations you may want to make plans to visit as well. There is so much to see in this region, from Aspen to Breckenridge to Vail. You can’t do it all in one trip, at least in less than one month.

By its very name, you would guess it is a ski destination. It’s the biggest in the region and they’re investing a huge amount of money in hotels, trails, and tourism services.

Snow Mass Bike Park

When people think “Aspen Bike Park,” they’re really talking about the popular resort village of Snowmass and it’s amazing riding experience for mountain bikers.

Snowmass is about 15 miles from Aspen Colorado, so you can stay in Aspen or at Snowmass Village if you like. It’s fun to visit the town of Aspen, ride the gondola which is the longest Gondola ride I’ve ever enjoyed, reaching 11,000 feet altitude. However, Aspen is very pricey.

Snowmass is a popular ski destination each winter, and it has an excellent mountain biking park too. There are a number of hotels in Snowmass village so you can stay right on the hill near the lift. Your kids will love the village.

Snowmass Upper Village, Colorado
Snowmass Upper Village, Colorado
Snowmass Demo Days 2019. Snowmass lower village mountain bike manufacturer promotional event.
Snowmass Elk Camp Gondola, Snowmass Colorado

A one day mountain bike park pass plus a rental bike will cost $129. I was fortunate enough to arrive at a time when there was a mountain bike marketing festival where many many mountain bike manufacturers were promoting and demoing their bikes. I demoed an ORBEA Occam, from their very friendly and helpful staff, which was a superb carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike. (Now in 2022, these bikes are priced at about $8000).

It was a joy to ride.

Gord Collins Mountain Biker
ORBEA Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike.  Gord Collins Mountain Biker @ Snowmass Bike Park, Colorado

The park is extensive with trails for all skill levels with lots of newly introduced trails for advanced riders.

Snowmass Bike Trails. Screenshot courtesy of Aspen Snowmass.

As you can see in this video below, the French Press trail is superb, a flow trail with lots of roller coaster terrain. All Snowmass bike park trails are well groomed and create a mountain bike ride experience you won’t forget. You can see all the trails here.

Like Flow Trails?  Try French Press

Snowmass’ 4 mile long French Press trail begins at about 11,200 feet elevation and drops about 3700 feet to  Snowmass Village, a quaint, relaxing place you’ll enjoy. Some great restaurants, and I can highly recommend Taster’s Pizza who were welcoming and served up an amazing pizza.

This video provided by Aspen Snowmass gives you a good view of the Snowmass French Press flow trail. It’s amazing. The best flow trail I’ve ever ridden.

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Mountain bike products are in huge demand with a consumer market eager and wealthy enough to buy bikes from $3000 to $12,000. I am a mountain biker myself and I can never get enough of visiting these amazing parks throughout North America.

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