20 Challenges You Actually Can Solve in 2019

It’s a big challenge for any SMB owner to decide to upgrade their marketing system. You might not be too certain of what could be improved for real ROI gains, reduced staffing costs, and better marketing performance.

This uncertainty keeps managers stuck. We need clarity on our marketing issues (and the ones we don’t know about), what’s happening in 2019 in digital marketing, and where we might improve. Since surveys show managers intend to invest in AI marketing in the next few years, there is a real belief in the benefits.

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Right now, motivation may need to juiced up a little. As many wise business people know, those who fail simply never built up enough drive and motivation. It’s incredible that people forget how persistence, intelligence and drive are a result of motivation.

Your competitors are ahead of you because they’re more motivated.

Visualization Leads to Confidence

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Of course, the potential gain of AI marketing software is hard to quantify. A success in one area might supercharge many other areas, with a resulting jump in visitors, conversions, and revenue. Yes, more phone calls from leads is good, but knowing what actually created the phone lead is valuable.

You want clarity, certainty, conviction and confidence. It’s certain that you’re going to delve into AI marketing, but what is it you need it to solve?

Managers most often don’t make changes unless their discomfort grows too intense. Right now then, let’s get granular on your challenges, frustrations, and weaknesses. Then you’ll build up the necessary drive and business case to progress.

Top Vexxing Problems for SMB Managers in 2019

After you’ve considered each of these business marketing issues, try to rank them in order of importance to your company’s outlook for 2019/2020:

  1. driving sales growth
  2. poor analytics — not clear enough about what works and what doesn’t work
  3. marketing activities are fragmented, not integrated
  4. no effective way to test content and measure user behavior
  5. visitor and lead abandonment — unable to do anything in real time to save the lead
  6. content engagement not really very good
  7. poor responses to email campaigns
  8. wasted money on PPC campaigns and insufficient understanding about why they’re not working
  9. outbound marketing isn’t effective — audiences are ignoring promotions
  10. can’t convert traffic and leads well enough – sales funnel just not effective
  11. insufficient visibility — can’t get enough website traffic
  12. can’t capture desired Google rankings because it’s so competitive
  13. social media spending increasing but results are disappointing
  14. difficult to create engaging content that helps create sales
  15. finding good sales and marketing staff
  16. inability to segment audiences and personalize marketing for them
  17. visitor engagement – can’t even get responses from target customers
  18. spending too much time on administration
  19. losing the expertise of agencies as marketing is brought in-house
  20. poor commitment to marketing budget

There you have 20 of the toughest issues and challenges small business owners face in planning and executing a powerful marketing effort.

When you assess and rank each of them, you get better clarity on how they affect each other. As an example, without expert level content on the right topics, engagement, search engine referrals, and leads suffer. Without in-depth analytics and knowing what really works, it’s tough to develop content strategy and sales conversion tactics.

Lacking the right tools, marketing management can be sheer bewilderment.

Let’s Look on the Positive Side

If you did have an AI marketing platform which could quickly understand visitor behavior, it would be able to predict their next interest. An AI system could personalize the visitor’s experience and present the most relevant content or product before they left the site.

The top benefits of AI marketing is predictive analytics, personalization, and content relevance. The software can create a more ideal customer journey, increase their satisfaction and comfort, and keep the conversation going so a sale can happen.

At this point, you should consider whether an AI marketing software subscription would deliver more leads and sales than a new marketing hire. With the savings, you may be able to hire a much higher quality marketer whose value is magnified by the marketing capabilities of this software system.

Yes, the promise of an AI empowered marketer is one of the best opportunities of 2020/2021. Contact me at gord@ai-marketers.com now.


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