Power of Google’s Ranking Algorithm

You’d be hard pressed to find a technological achievement or tech product that surpasses Google’s search ranking algorithm.

It is dressed up as a coding product, but in fact, the algorithm has many censorship, credibility, political and business priorities governing rankings of web pages. It’s accused of being the Orwellian big brother which supports socialist aims.

SEO pros have to navigate these treacherous, algorithmic ranking updates to survive the ranking challenge. Some of us revel in it.

The “algo” is a mathematical equation that applies weighting to various features and characteristics of documents. With over 200 of these “ranking factors” assessed, it is very complex and difficult for the top search engine optimization researchers to grasp. At the end of the process, someone achieves top ranking. It’s the focus of all advanced SEO strategy.

Applying Science Like an Art

This page ranking algorithm has become a marvel of science.  Google management has leveraged it many different ways to become one of the top 5 companies in history.

So while we think of it as a service for us, to help us find the information, brands and solutions we need, Google discovered it delivers them trillions of dollars and keeps a central place in the lives of the world’s consumers. The company uses it to gather market data, customer preferences and habits to advertise products at precisely the right time.

They keep perfecting it every day, not as code or tech engineering, but nurturing it as some sort of religious holy grail.

Their philosophy, technological approach, business model and even human resource management has become the standard for tech companies worldwide.

Who else can get away with creating snooze pods so employees can have a nap to get refreshed? Google appears to be an employee’s best friend. In reality, you’ll notice the Pod appears to be consuming the employee!

Pacman’s Revenge. Google’s relaxation pods.

All of that made Google a idolized, unifying force during the recent, passing globalization era. Of course, nations have learned a good lesson from the recent recessions and globalism is no longer in favor. Nevertheless, understanding Google from a business standpoint is important in the new national era ahead.

Google is an Organizational and Business Model

Google is an organizational model driven by big data and personalization that offers an overwhelming business advantage. Even if US regulators break the company up, we still have this lesson to help us build a better business. It doesn’t take much effort or intellectual prowess to understand the big picture about Google.

They leverage everyone else’s excellence, productivity and assimilate them into their business and brand. They determine which businesses will be visible online. Those who don’t rank high, might as well not exist.

I like the business model discussion that Daniel Pereira of businessmodelanalyst.com provides on Google. We rely on people like Daniel to cut through the confusion and help us see the potential of a winning business model. Really, if your business model can’t cut it, you’re in trouble.

Screenshot courtesy of thebusinessmodelanalyst.com

Giving You Reach to Eager Customers

Google represents access to the best the world has to offer. That’s pretty hard to ignore. If you want to offer the best unique value proposition, maximize reach and leads, and grow sales, then Google knows how to deliver it better than anyone.

With them, you may not have to fuss over business models, sales tactics, visibility and engagement. Their system has dealt with these matters and they’re ready to present you to highly qualified customer prospects who are actively searching for your product/service and keep reaching them every day of the year.

If you have an appropriate marketing/advertising budget and a product/service people actually want, then Google can make your dreams come true.

24 Years of Marketing Mastery

From 1998 when I began my adventure into advanced SEO to my visit to Google headquarters in 2005, my fascination with them has inspired me to understand their search engine ranking algorithm deeply. Others too.

My mission is to help business owners understand Google’s approach and leverage it make their company successful.
The search ranking algorithm represents a mathematical process to optimize anything, not just just text documents and videos. They use it to personalize ads to shoppers, identify trends, predict what their next thought will be, and keep reminding them of their wants and desires. It is dangerously addictive.

Basically, you should be mimicking everything Google does and offers. They’re successful because it works. Trillions in revenue doesn’t lie. They own the information and advertising industries. Their name has become a verb, demonstrating how brands become market leaders.

What the Algorithm Really Achieves

And let’s broaden our awareness of what Google’s page ranking algorithm results in:

  • a frenzied competition among companies to provide the best information and entertainment for consumers which Google can capitalize on financially
  • a system that controls what is created and valued by consumers (algorithm guides content development, narratives, and rewards validation from authority site)
  • a system that provides instant, real time, and persistent contact with consumers (engagement)
  • a system that provides trust, credibility and significance clearing away all reasons why consumers would not buy or be ripped off (validation)
  • captures customers via free services and moves them into paid services (monetization strategy)
  • brings consumers and businesses together 24×7 (persistent awareness)
  • understands key touchpoints in the sales conversion funnel (data collection to fulfill customer journeys)
  • no fear of being an information and sales revenue monopoly (owning the ecosystem so it must serve Google)

The main point is they have captured a place in consumers lives (where your company needs to be) and they are leveraging content to capture all the dollar value available. Google doesn’t limit their reach. They believe their mission is spiritual, good for mankind (you should too) so why would they place limits on anything?

When you’re building your marketing program, you place all kinds of limits on it. These become the seeds of your demise. Google knows that.

Google capitalizes on your efforts to provide maximum value and service to customers. They’re right in the middle of it since it’s their search results page. Even those who rank at the top, get leveraged.

After all the information is gathered, engagement remembered and products purchased, Google gains credit for making it happen. That solidifies it as the home of the Internet.

Putting Your Company at the Center

By ranking at the top of Google’s search rankings, you’re positioning yourself as the indispensable center of customer’s lives. You’ve loaded your fantastic content with value and thus branded yourself in the customer’s mind.

You’re the favorite, the loved and revered brand, and the only one customers want to hear and see. That’s what significance means.

Every time my client’s customers search for information, products, ideas and services, their website and brand name appears in the search results. That’s omnipresence that creates millions of visitors in a year. It’s powerful because marketing is all about reach, persistence, top of mind, and being the best of the best to consumers.

I deliberately get a stranglehold on all phrases, like an octopus in the ocean. No escape. I grabbed hold of consumers and developed an SEO Content strategy consistent with how Google ranks pages. I even wrote a book on that.

Leverage Google’s Power to Rise Above Mediocrity

The point of this post, is that there is value in rising to excellence, and above the mundane. Mundane approaches will toil forever. Google delivers excellence via system that is in itself excellent. The reward is market domination and success well beyond what they could imagine.

How about you? Are you not opening your mind to business models that will deliver huge visibility, engagement and leads? Are you avoiding using Google because it’s expensive or difficult? What if the paid channel provided all the info you needed to expose your product, get feedback, and more that you can apply across all channels?

If 57% of all online sales happen via Google, you need to be in this channel.

Your digital marketing campaign should begin with a thorough audit which then guides the development or organic content that builds a persistent presence in customer’s lives. Yes, there’s keywords and topics, but the real value is how it encircles customers and makes competitor’s disappear.

You decide how relevant and good your content will be. Open up to market leader thinking and you’ll win.

Read more of my posts on advanced SEO and other topics such as content impact, content quality, and techniques to build the most powerful connections to your audience.

Market leaders don’t get it for free. A lot of hard work is required to build an industry leader. And a large marketing budget is often required too. Don’t shy away from spending big on marketing. Ensure you have market leading value, credibility, significance and persistent connectivity to your audience.

Get into the spirit of ambitious marketing, and use Google as your business model. it’s proven, it’s a winner.
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