Simplifying your Copywriting Could Mean All the Difference

It’s a typical belief in internet marketing that it’s all about exact customer targeting and then satisfying that prospect to the fullest.

Yet, in the real world, an ideal, qualified target customer is a rare catch. Mostly, you attract a lot of other people in varying stages of buying a product or service.

When they find and land on your super-optimized, heavy engagement content, they may be overwhelmed and leave. So while deep, engaging, and helpful copywriting full of benefits is relevant, most of your visitors aren’t ready for it. Maybe even your best prospects aren’t ready for it.

Is simplified copywriting just a matter of lots of editing, or is there more to learn?

They Leave and Become Your Lowly Competitor’s Customer

Simple Fun is a better experience

In fact, these alienated visitors may become a customer of your low quality competitors simply because they can comprehend their offering, and like it better.  Your content may be hard to scan, hard to read, require mental gymnastics, and doesn’t make a point. Simple content is often more fun.

If we offer too much, and don’t focus on a fun, engaging experience, it can ruin our sales leads.  We discover through experience, that simplicity is a virtue.

Make Simple Marketing Pages and Blogs

It points out a big challenge with copywriting and content strategy. That is, each visitor is unique with different interests, insight, confidence, intent and product awareness. A simpler, more emotionally satisfying message might work better.

“effective copywriting is clear, well-defined, and concise”


Is there a way to greet and engage your visitors without overwhelming them with powerful, in-depth information? Perhaps the old formula KISS (keep it simple stupid) can help us create better outcomes.

In this example below, the company presents its main idea to a defined customer quickly and briefly. Less is more, and the marketing page conveys benefits in one scrolling page. The page also reminds us that images, illustrations, and quotes communicate credibility, trust, and benefits well.

Editing is So Vital

A good editor is a godsend for any marketer or copywriter. Editors push for simplicity and clarity. That might tell you that simplified copy is what should be distilled from your drafted material.

Through successive rounds of edits over days, your copy gets closer to the simple communication it needs to be and gets its message across.

Whether it’s facts or stories, your content must resonate and synchronize with one to three communication objectives. If your copy is failing to nurture or create leads, then it’s likely too intense and complicated for most, or what you’re saying doesn’t seem credible.  Editing persistently should fix that.


brief, edited copy with great flow, helps to focus the value proposition so it generates enough impact


Slow Down and Focus on the Highest Quality

If you’re a high speed blogger or content creator commissioned to pump out content, you might want to review that deliverable with your boss or client.

Google for instance is telling content people to slow down and create better material, because the “junk content” won’t rank and it likely doesn’t convert. But Google has contributed to the confusion by telling content creators to make content epic.

It’s that striving for epic, long form content that is likely behind the poor conversion and engagement issues marketers are experiencing.  Creating non-shallow, epic, high ranking content is not easy, which is why managers hire expert SEO copywriters, who can deal with all demands.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Copywriting

  1. understand what you want the article/page to accomplish and write it to make that happen. Describe what your article is about in one sentence.
  2. clearly understand your unique value proposition and communicate it to the profile/persona of the prospect/employee who is going to read it
  3. ensure your UVP is clear and quickly conveyed on your blog or homepage
  4. make your first supporting sentence, paragraph relevant to that reader’s thought process
  5. focus on one or two major pain points that you think they are focused on
  6. avoid long copy to get to the point you want to make and create a quick, easy path to resolution/action for them
  7. make your content elicit one clear emotion — focus on the joy, relief, confidence or other emotion that is most important to get that reader moving
  8. use clear, relevant title tags, headings and meta description
  9. use simple, natural words without hype
  10. make the layout clear, scannable, and include some short bullet lists, images, and one very relevant quote to add impact

Readers Read Between the Lines

Put aside keywords, fluff, boasts, promises, features and benefits and focus on the reader.  Structure your post enough to present ideas in a flow, and take lots of time to edit is mercilessly until it is so efficient and clear, it is effortless for the visitor to read it.

They might be looking right through everything to read between the lines about who your company is and why they do what they do.  Simple copy may convey trust, likeability, and confidence much better.

Read some of your old pages and articles and re-experience what you read. Read it on your smartphone to create a new view of it. Reduce the font size so you read it differently, and to help you understand what it’s really saying.

Simplicity has a way of unifying the message, and making it laser clear and a believable narrative.  By not creating friction, confusion, barriers and friction, you might get better digital marketing results.

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