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A Comprehensive SEO Audit

Few things mystify entrepreneurs and SMB owners more than search engine rankings. Everyone is frustrated that they can’t rank first in their markets.

Yet, ranking well is a big challenge. Few put in the funding, research and effort required and find themselves continuously underperforming. To win, we must respect excellence and then do the work that’s needed.

That makes a comprehensive SEO or search engine optimization audit a necessity for almost every smart marketing manager. Ordinary, run of the mill technical reviews will not generate insight for better strategy.

Those websites that dominate Google rankings enjoy exceptional brand visibility, credibility, trust, and click throughs which can translate to considerable revenue. Marketers must do SEO well.  It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for those who don’t attempt to understand Google’s ranking algorithm.

An SEO audit is an advanced level study of your website’s technical coding and indexable content which is weighed against the criteria search engines use to rank your web pages. It investigates everything that might affect your rankings. The audit offers you performance data along with insights and recommendations from an expert SEO consultant who understands what the data is saying.

By applying the recommendations, you might enjoy significant improvement in your strategy, rankings and referral traffic. For business owners, that’s an exciting value proposition.

There’s still no discounting the value of referrals from Google and Bing. Search engine users are often involved in some phase of a search for a product or service, some very intently. Whether they’re just becoming aware of an issue or solution or ready to buy, they could be your next customer.

Fixing Issues and Building Ranking Power

If they find your page links and do click through, they must be interested in something about your company, information, services or product or they wouldn’t be curious. Every day, web users conduct billions of searches. But to be seen on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you will almost certainly have to have major ranking power.

The better optimized your website and SEO content distribution on the web is, the more leads and sales you can generate. But there’s a lot of mystery about search engine optimization. Since search engines divulge nothing about their ranking algorithms and indexing systems, only SEO specialists who are keenly into it will be able to identify issues and find solutions.

And that’s what an SEO audit is all about — digging into the technical and marketing characteristics of your website and content. It’s the opposite to a quick glance where assumptions are made based on cliché SEO factors. Depth and thoroughness are important because it’s sometimes not easy to find issues that are sinking your rankings.

Google itself has become finicky about the content they prefer and how they interpret its relevance for their users. They do not divulge their secret ranking sauce. It’s very complex but if an SEO expert can find issues, and opportunities to improve keyword relevance, trust and ranking power, then you may find yourself achieving top 5 rankings.

And the top ranking spots have proven to be where the best quality sales leads are. These are keenly motivated shoppers and Google and Bing are suggesting your site is the best destination! Bing’s ranking algo is different than Google’s and they have much less users, but their referrals are still worthy leads.

SEO audits are included within the more comprehensive digital marketing audit. Google and Bing rankings and referrals are dependent not just search engine optimization tactics.

Often, marketers and SMB owners ask for an SEO audit to solve technical coding, server and website structural issues. However, the greater issue is in the quality of your content, its relevance, trustworthiness and how many other relevant websites link to your website.

A Comprehensive SEO Audit Covers:

  1. spidering of your website to discover technical issues and server problems (site health, page speed, core metrics, mobile friendliness, etc.)
  2. keyword analysis
  3. backlink analysis
  4. content relevance and quality analysis
  5. social sharing and outreach activity analysis
  6. on page optimization analysis (h tags, anchor text, sentence structure, image alt text, title tags, meta description, etc.)
  7. site and page architecture and web design analysis
  8. metatags and international SEO coding
  9. assessing any website and page level penalties (spam links, duplicate or similar content, keyword stuffing, redirects, thin content, etc.)
  10. visibility and content performance via Google webmaster console ranking and click report and a SEO software reports.

Don’t Be Duped by Technical SEO Hype

Of course, all technical data reported has to be reviewed and interpreted. Technical issues are annoying and It’s important to find errors and performance problems. However, SEO consultants know (22 years for me) that rankings are more affected by the quality and relevance of your content along with the effort you make to get it out on the web to the right people.

Since digital content channels and content affect each area of your marketing campaigns, the SEO audit is but one piece of the full picture. That’s why the premium digital marketing performance audit is vital. By examining components within the overall marketing context, you’re able to pinpoint those things that will give you the best SEO boost and help with engagement, conversions and revenue growth.

An SEO audit is an excellent value, and it’s included in my digital marketing performance review (audit) so you’ll want to get the full review. The more you know the better!

Check out the digital marketing audit components, and be reassured it is comprehensive and insightful.

Begin your market leader journey with a digital marketing performance review.

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