AI Marketing FAQs

What is AI Marketing Exactly? It is the use of Artificial Intelligence enabled software to organize, optimize and do the things human marketers can’t do.

Why Do I Need AI Marketing?

You’ve worked hard to draw visitors to your site. AI marketing systems help to understand those visitors so they acquire what they’re looking for, and they do in real time as visitors arrive so that you don’t lose them. AI can test and learn, and actually engage with visitors/customers and lead them to content and options they never would have found on their own.

AI marketing increases engagement, leads and ultimately revenue. AI can do this at scale too, to let you keep growing and improving with no limits.

Do I Need to Understand Machine and Deep Learning?

No, let the AI nerds follow all of that. You only need to learn how to organize your campaigns and then let yourself be educated by the AI system.  These systems will do more than you’ll ever be able to study.  Focus on optimization, leads and sales.

What AI Solution Do I Need?

It depends on what you want to achieve. For most SMBs with minimal customer data sources, your solution will need to test content, improve the conversion funnel, and inform you about what is working with your marketing efforts. AI solutions are not cheap, so your budget and confidence in your company’s revenue potential will determine whether you acquire a cheaper AI marketing solution.

Why is This Better Than Just an Automation Tool?

Marketing automation was the first step for businesses, and the step up to autonomous AI means you’re letting the system do more to help you create leads and revenue. The system designers know what your goals are and through experience they have a good general idea of what works. AI systems are more advanced they can segment customers and personalize content delivery to individual visitors and returning customers. They can learn more and give you better insight into your customers, and knowing your market intimately is the holy grail of marketing.

What’s the Biggest Benefit of AI Marketing?

Perhaps, after all is set up, the top benefit of AI Marketing is in identifying your best prospects right away as they arrive (predictive analytics) so that your content and conversion path is more likely to work. Your best prospects have the intent, resources, and ability to purchase. High quality customers/clients are the lifeblood of marketing and sales. You’ll be focusing more of your time and efforts with the actual business managers who can sustain your company. This is the “creation of a great customer” you might have lost.

The point of smart marketing is to not waste time and resources on losing tactics and instead focus in on what actually does work to capture the best prospects and turn them into customers.

Will AI Marketing Really Improve our Reach?

It will power up your content strategy, SEO, PPC, Social Media and PR efforts and your site traffic and return visitors will grow. Because AI informs your creative content design and topics, your content will be liked, shared more, thus expanding your reach by timing delivery.

Will SEO fix Our Poor Google Search Performance?

AI doesn’t work directly with SEO, graphic design or other creative tasks.  Keyword info is proprietary data and is protected by search engine companies.  However, alternate analytics tracking can be set up to view ranking to sales conversion performance. There are systems that suggest they can optimize your social media conversion process. AI has its limits and you’ll need to work with your content strategist, SEO, and social media specialist to track and learn.

Will This Actually Help Us Produce Better more Compelling Content?

In segmenting your visitors and learning of their specific interests, you’re getting a great education about visitor’s interests. You’ll learn which content elements contribute most to creating a customer and raising revenues. From topics, keywords, graphics, CTA’s, and all of your content, you will find what resonates about your brand and value proposition, so you can create even more riveting content on the right topics. AI predicts what content they will want next in their journey and serves it to them.

How Will AI help Us Improve Customer Service?

When visitors find key content they want, and get their questions answered faster, they feel less friction. They are liable to be in a calmer mood when you speak or chat with them. Their content choices and behaviors fall into patterns and this insight will help you communicate better with each of your customers, thus improving your brand and keeping customers loyal, along with promoting your company for free. Knowing about their interests means you’ll be on the same page with them, instead of being a stranger who is in the dark about what they want.

How Much do the AI Systems Cost?

They are offered as SaaS subscriptions to the tune of $1000 to $5000 a month. Turn the question around to ask how much will we lose if our competitors adopt this first, and we lose out on doubling our sales revenue (optimizing your complete marketing strategy).

Our Marketing Manager and Owner Make All the Decisions

There’s no doubt your executives have relevant experience and knowledge. These AI systems can help them find the best of their experience and judgement and apply it better. With superhuman ability AI can observe actual behaviors of the strangers who arrive on your site and optimize the path to purchase. No one knows visitors and customers that well, to know what to do, and certainly not on a per person basis. AI can executive with executive wisdom with each arriving visitor, learn more, faster, and predict the exact next response needed.

AI doesn’t make managers redundant, it makes them better.

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