What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing is the optimization of online marketing content, real time customer engagement, prediction of customer behavior, and the data guided acceleration of creating a high quality customer.

AI reduces the need for granular marketing knowledge and experience.  AI marketing software can make you look like a marketing genius (with the right help).

A Powerful Guiding Influence on Marketing Quality

AI puts better information in your hands and lets you concentrate on creative and strategy.  The dollar value of AI is beginning to be reported.

“A study, from customer data-based marketing platform Blueshift, discovered that marketing campaigns that use Blueshift’s artificial intelligence marketing platform increased customer engagement by 310-720% and revenue by 300% over campaigns that didn’t use the technology. The study analyzed 71 million clicks, 582 million email opens and 2.5 million email transactions, mobile push notifications, SMS messages, website interactions and Facebook custom audience advertisements from December 2017 to September 2018.”

Whether you’re a tech startup, real estate professional, manufacturer, exporter, travel agency, product brand, or service provider, AI guided marketing is your key to success.

To understand what it is, let’s let’s take a deeper look at what AI Marketing does:

The Daily Work of AI

  1. improving content selection and strategy — through A/B testing and predictive analytics, it will provide insight to help make the content more effective and provide insight into what customers like
  2. quickening innovation — lets you carve out a unique niche with prospects that eliminates competition
  3. avoiding failure — save money by not continuing with losing tactics or repeating them
  4. crafting more effective emails — A/B testing email ad creative and predictive analytics helps the writing of new email messaging and value offers and avoids unsubscribes and deletes
  5. finding optimal sales funnel path — discovers and improves the conversion path so no guesswork or “errors of experience” are possible
  6. raising advertising ROI — improve ppc results by finding ads and landing page content that works best
  7. improving multi channel integration — the software manages complex cross channel campaigns
  8. increases real time engagement — the software responds to visitors right now, in real time before they leave thus keeping them moving toward a purchase
  9. personalizing visitor experiences — the software personalizes the experience/visit for each individual visitor paving the path to a sale
  10. using customer data well — the software’s competence at processing data and creating deep insights
  11. building customer profiles — segments and builds real active customer profiles based on behavioral data

AI marketing is an amazing evolution in serving and engaging customers. You’ll be using it to optimize your content and customer journey.  

If you’re a Realtor, travel firm or hotel manager, or tech startup entrepreneur, AI Marketers is the partner you need to make it happen.  We focus on San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles California, yet our past clients have been in London UK, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Vancouver and Toronto.


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