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It was only about 3 years ago that I began studying AI marketing software. Given all it could potentially do for a marketing agency and its clients, it was tough to comprehend how it could work for SMBs.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

There are a lot of niche marketing automation solutions for PPC, content, social media and email, all beckoning users with their promises. AI is beyond that. It’s such a tough topic requiring a good measure of determination, analytical skills and intuition to weed through them.

We’re Pioneers in This Field

Separating fact from fiction is tough because many of these companies speak only via their limited promotional materials and lingo. That might be warning of a weak value proposition and an inability to relate to real customers’ point of view. Nevertheless, AI marketing is coming in. If we can’t figure out which of the available AI solutions work, we’ll be in trouble.

A few of the AI platforms do offer case studies with some performance data, which you can read yourself. Of course, given the expense, we may never see such head to head competitions of AI software. It’s up to us to investigate and place our bets.

Albert Autonomous AI Robot

In my research journeys, I found a company named Adgorithms, an Israeli company which was using AI and automation in ppc advertising. Their product, Albert AI robot, was a leading edge use of AI.  And it’s been such a hit, the company changed its name to Albert™.

After more financing, this time $18 million, they’re getting serious.

What clearly set Albert™ artificial intelligence marketing system apart from other AI marketing solutions was that it is an autonomous marketing robot. It’s able to automate campaign tasks, take care of all marketing channels, integrate them, create amazing reports for marketers to learn, and Albert can learn on its own. It’s like a digital genie that makes marketer’s dreams come true.

Gif courtesy of Albert™ AI. Services Array

Autonomous Means It Does The Work

This whole notion about the robot doing all the work is critically important. Doing modern marketing on your own is a sure way to a health breakdown and bankruptcy. Marketers know they can’t do this stuff anymore. It’s too tough.

And you can’t compete with an AI marketing system. It learns and works 24 hours a day and it sees user behavior you can’t (okay, it does need to be coached).

What you can do is adopt an AI marketing platform, and Albert™ looks like it might be the best choice. Of course, Salesforce/Marketo has its Einstein AI marketing platform too. We’ll take a look at that later.

Automation Doesn’t Mean Autonomous

When people think of AI, automation is the first thing that pops in their heads. Autonomous means it can do more than machine learning and automation, and add greater value. Instead, the superhuman learning power of Albert™, and its reporting tools can be the greatest marketing coworker you ever had.

It does testing and optimizing, learning on its own, targeting the best prospects, helping to personalize content, making autonomous decisions like buying media such as ppc ads, and can independently evaluate site and social media analytics to attribute lead sources and funnel pathways.

What is Albert Autonomous Marketing?

According to, Albert is a computer program possessing over 200 different skills. Albert is the self-learning digital marketing ally for marketers: a thinker, a doer, and a support system; automating, orchestrating and evolving campaigns.

Albert uses the Google marketing platform, among other data platforms, which takes a lot of the risk out of using it. Google will never let you leverage their artificial intelligence system. That’s their bread and butter. They want you to go and get your own AI marketing solution. Albert might be the only choice.

Well, you have probably found it in Albert™. Yes, there are reports of poor customer service, lack of sales support and tech knowledge, along with outright failures using Albert. There’s always a ring of truth in these reports, but none of them really makes you freeze in your footsteps. It’s the usual trashing all software products get by so called reviewers.

After you examine Albert more closely, you’ll likely follow some of the brands that have succeeded with it. The power and insight it delivers could take your whole business and customer knowledge to a new level. It could dramatically improve your own marketing expertise too, putting your career on the fast track.

Successful AI Marketing Case Studies with Albert

Harley Davidson Logo courtesy of Harley-Davidson

You can check out the Albert™ AI case studies on your own. They include several brand name consumer products companies including Harley Davidson motorcycles, Dole Fruit, and Crabtree & Evelyn retail clothiers.

Luxury sleepwear designer and manufacturer Natori used Albert to discover which of their creative content pieces worked best in their Facebook ads. They received a 7-1 return on ad spend. That same testing technology can be used to test all your landing pages, blogs, and other creative and marketing pieces.

Those stellar results has lead Natori to launch more “upper funnel campaigns,” where it casts a wider net in its targeted audience.

Practical Insights: Albert™ also uses the data it processes, including your Google analytics data, to give you much deeper insight into customer behavior and which of your content pieces and pathways create a customer. One to one personalization is the holy grail of modern marketing. The belief is that satisfying the customer in real time will dramatically lift engagement and sales.

The truth is that Albert can help you discover vital insights into who your customers are and why they buy from you. Most businesses don’t know this.

If your current audience and customers exit without buying, Albert can help you test offers, calls to action, incentives, creatives, and find out what they want and where they are in their buying cycle. Customer insights are powerful.

What do marketers want in 2020? A survey found we all want reach and insight. I build the reach, and Albert™ will give you the insight.

Better Than Profiling: Analyzing Actual Behavior

One of the biggest benefits of an autonomous AI marketing solution is that it makes better decisions — based on actual behavior. Marketing is plagued with guessing, and profiling, and wasted spending by so called experienced marketers. Profiling is low quality targeting. AI marketing software can discover what you can’t. And what it can’t learn right now, you can program it to do.

Albert™ is built to work collaboratively with your marketing team to speed up the process of engaging with your customers. AI won’t replaced your team’s knowledge and quality instincts. But it can help you avoid making mistakes that come with outdated beliefs and hunches.

There are companies leveraging this amazing marketing solution, including marketing agencies. If you’re commiting to AI technology to assist with marketing, Albert™ is likely the most comprehensive autonomous solution.

It cuts work, grows insight, optimizes performance in nearly all areas of your marketing activities. Value overflows to other areas, and because it gets better, there doesn’t seem to be any end to improvement as some of their clients have reported.

It’s an era of big data and overwhelm and we have to say goodbye to manual marketing. It’s bad for our personal and business health. Check out Albert™ and see if it’s the solution you need to lead your market in 2020.


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