Fighting for Small Business in 2022

Big businesses have enjoyed a smooth path to revenues the last 30 to 40 years, but not so much small companies.

Business and financial rules that seemed tailor made for corporations, have left small businesses teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.  Now through two years of pandemic recession something needs to change or this recovery in 2022 will be yet another disappointment. We need to fight for SMB opportunity everywhere, not just locally.

Was Your Business Well Supported in 2020 and 2021?

Are you ready to launch in 2022 amidst high inflation, restrictions and fast rising rents? As a small business owner do you feel well supported by your community, government and financial system?  Do you like the tax rules?

It’s almost a guaranteed win for big companies, those “too big to fail” brands that politicians and bankers rally around. How about Google and Facebook, or Federal politicians? Are they fighting hard to save you money, not gauging you, and give you maximum exposure to customers?

Only 5 years ago, at the end of Barack Obama’s term in US office, the rate of new business formation in the US hit its all time historic low. And that was during a strong economic run. Just so we avoid any self-deceit about it, the stats didn’t lie — support had disappeared while big business got every advantage.

A few years later, the pandemic hit and small businesses were shut down. It’s been a very rough ride for small businesses, and more of us need to get louder in our support for our revival. Otherwise, the business environment for small companies and startups might erode to nothing. And it doesn’t matter which political party rules. Startups are the seeds of tomorrow’s economy.

Small business contest idea.
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Here’s 22 Ways You Can Help Small Business

Here’s just a few ways we can all contribute to small business success:

  1. contact politicians with messages about how small business creates jobs and requires support
  2. lobby your state and Federal politicians to lower taxes for small businesses
  3. contact politicians about putting controls on the oligopoly of Facebook/Amazon/Google and limit their control of technology and unending profit increases
  4. blog on your site weekly with a post that supports small business and include data which shows a healthy small business sector helps America
  5. Tweet and post on FB about small businesses that make a difference in American life
  6. take a photo of their storefront or products on shelves and give some notice on social media
  7. retweet and share the small firm’s own social media posts and announcements
  8. contact small businesses, link to them from your website, mention them, direct message on social media and encourage them to link out to other small businesses
  9. offer discounts on your online store or brick and mortar retailer for other small business owners
  10. create contests using gift cards for shopping at local businesses in your community or city
  11. shop local more frequently and change your tastes to more interesting local products
  12. check in on your Google maps, or other geolocation apps and give them a good mention
  13. write positive reviews about a small business you like on Google or Yelp
  14. work for less for a small business to help them get launched and growing
  15. tip generously when out for a meal or entertainment
  16. once a month, buy your groceries at a small supermarket or weekend farmer’s market
  17. buy their gift cards and give to family and friends for birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  18. hold a local event with your local chamber of commerce and include small businesses
  19. offer your own services for free for one small business
  20. refer or recommend another small business to a business owner you know
  21. offer advice on how they can improve and grow their business
  22. give your employees 25% back of whatever they buy from designated local small business (up to a limit of $500)

Small business is critically important to our future economy.  Please do show your support by lobbying politicians for lower taxes and improved financial support.

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