The Magic of Search Traffic

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

It’s certain that most of your website traffic will be generated by search engines. And most of your social shares will also be generated by these very same visitors from search engines (i.e., Google). The value of SEO and copywriting services compounds — prestige, credibility, repeat visitors.

SEO and copywriting will be core elements of your online marketing strategy. It’s incorrect to say it’s “FREE” however. It needs resources like any other marketing activity.

The fact is, as always, people who use search engines are actively seeking solutions using keyword phrases. We know they are somewhere in the buying cycle. That means they are a decent sales prospect and you have an opportunity to nurture the lead and turn it into a sale.

It’s your copywriting, value proposition, content experience, and web design that will bring the sale to fruition.

From 1.2 Million to 2.5 Million

A good example is a former client Delta Hotels. I doubled their search engine traffic and it made quite an impact on sales, visibility and value of the company. As you can imagine, adding one million travel/hotel consumers to a website could generate a lot of hotel room bookings.

Delta was a business-focused, luxury brand in the Canadian hotel space. Not all hotel room users wanted to spend $300 to $400 a night for their accommodations. It was a big, wide funnel I created and out of that, upscale hotel room searchers booked a lot of Delta Hotel rooms.

Screen Capture courtesy of CBC

What Expert SEO Might Lead To

What happened to Delta Hotels? They were bought out by a US-based hotel chain Marriott. The visibility I created for Delta on Google search results made it show up on everyone’s radar including major international hotel chains.

With that huge visibility, Delta Hotels was both a threat and a opportunity to grow their market share.  Delta entered the big chain’s “kill zone” and they bought it.  It was an excellent purchase for Marriott as the hotel and travel industry has been unbelievably lucrative in the last 10 years. If you’re an entrepreneur in any field, the goal is to grow the business fast and then sell after building up traffic, brand visibility and sales.

SEO Delivers the Value

You might feel that SEO and copywriting have more than enough value on their own. Well, in fact, you must still convert that traffic by optimizing your value proposition and creating an outstanding customer experience.  For instance, that home seller that stops by your real estate site is more affected by what you say and how you say it than by listings you have.  That’s the copywriting element. The prized homeowner is a prospect that can be converted into your next home selling client.

We’ll write your copywriting expertly to resonate to search engine algorithms, including Google’s. Elite level SEO is a key marketing skill, with creative and technical requirements.

SEO and copywriting don’t get the respect they deserve in the online marketing equation.

What we’ll provide you in search traffic and social media engagement is well worth every penny you spend. When you move into artificial intelligence aided marketing, it just gets sweeter.

Let’s talk about how you can be a Leader in Google’s search results.


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