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Los Angeles may be one of the most difficult real estate markets for a Realtor to earn a living.

Competition in California cities is intense, sometimes hostile. And available housing stock is limited, time and money outlays are high, and it can be emotionally exhausting. Agents commonly feel run down with no personal life to speak of.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

At some point, agents realize they have to get off this mill that grinds them to dust. Other Los Angeles Realtors who are doing okay, wonder if there’s a way to ramp their business up and earn much more. Perhaps they could build their own team or brokerage?

That’s a smarter way to look at the real estate sales business and our Realtor marketing packages will help.

Competition is for losers they say, so why not take your agency or LA brokerage to where it’s sustainable, profitable, and lets you have a life?

Building Leads Strategically

From Long Beach to Malibu to San Bernardino down to Anaheim, agents tend to toil in micromarkets.  They believe a local limited market approach will win. But online, you need to be a Los Angeles real estate agent first. Just because you’re local doesn’t mean sellers believe you’re competent, personable, and trustworthy.

Casting your net wide opens you to many more potential sellers and a larger online buyer audience to create a stronger brand image (There’s many other key benefits too).  Building strengths is necessary to be a market leader.

It’s easier to sell from a position of strength rather than trying to work your way up in a limited micromarket. And don’t worry about your local neighborhood market, you’ll be winning that too.

As your real estate sales advisors and coaches tell you, envision your goal of success and enjoyment of your work, and then build back to where you are. See yourself as a market leader and we’ll help you build the path there.

Besides assisting you with your real estate website and lead management system, our SEO, content strategy and social media services are the creative juice that connects you with real home sellers and buyers.

You’ll be receiving:


    • high visibility on Google, Bing and Yahoo
    • prestige from being seen on Google
    • credibility from being ranked at the top by Google
    • high quality leads that are converted to actual sales
    • return visitors and knowing why they return
    • engaged visitors who share content on social media channels
    • assistance with optimizing your Google and Facebook ad campaigns
    • deep analytics insights from users visiting pages and choosing content paths
    • feedback on the company’s content, valuable proposition, and customer service


None of the Realtor website lead systems offer AI enhanced services yet. At best, they offer chatbots and content recommendation engines. However, there are automation and AI content delivery solutions which can help us learn and convert real estate leads better.

The AI solutions are separate from the quality content, creative engagement, and SEO we need to do to attract buyers and sellers to your site.

We can discuss these as part of your Realtor Market Leader marketing services.


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