The Power of Blitz Marketing

Any marketing campaign uses a variety of techniques and tactics including a few that generate impressive results. Each tactic and technique has its role, especially within a timed strategy. It’s when you use it that matters.

The military knows all about blitz tactics, and they’re fundamental used as a flanking strategy to win a small piece of terrain.  Blitzes can also be used to win marketplace battles — the final crescendo to a massive assault that leaves no doubt as to who rules the market.

A blitz (or blitzkrieg) is a brilliant, vital tactic involving sudden, quick and powerful force to win an objective.  And that objective might only be to get seen against major competitors who dominate visibility. The blitz may be the only way your brand/company will ever get seen. It’s suddenness, strategy and power catches competitors off guard in a way they can’t defend. For a short time, customers/searchers see you as the market leader.

Can a Small Company uses Blitzes?

The Blitzkrieg or lightning attack as it has been called may sound destructive, but for small business it’s one of the few techniques that give you full control of the market for a short time.  Since big competitors can and will block your every avenue of reaching the market (and their customers), a blitz may be the only option you have. It makes sense to know it well.

Battling to Achieve Impact and Total Awareness

The biggest struggle for any marketing campaign is to create awareness and impact. While an SEO strategy that generates omnipresence is nice, it lacks the ummmph or intensity needed to move customers emotionally.

It’s not easy to get attention and engage people on Google or Facebook, or even on those returning to your website. Capturing audiences is a creative, psychological process, but to get results, the marketing blitz is often needed.

Marketing Blitzes can be used in your ad campaigns, social media campaigns and even as key part of your SEO strategy. The value of sudden dramatic domination shouldn’t be understated. Your goal is to capture your market. Blitzes are a sure sign you’re into this strategy thing and intend to win.

The Blitzkrieg Battles of World War 2

The name Blitz evolves from the war era terminology of Nazi Germany used in World War 2. The blitzkreig was a synchronized launch of bombs, bullets and artillery from ground and air.  The concept never existed before 1939 because the technology wasn’t really present to carry out a coordinated attack from so many angles with such intensity.  Technology provided a new technique that could annihilate the enemy if arranged carefully.

It must have been frightening for their enemies who had nowhere to hide and an inability to respond. A flurry of bombs, bullets, smoke, and dominated everyone’s attention and let the victor move in to capture the territory.

Blitzkrieg Wikipedia
Screenshot courtesy of Wikipedia.

A key fact in military battle strategy is that a war is a sequence of battles. The goal then is to engage in battles and win each of them — one leads to the next until there is one decisive victory.

Synchronized Doesn’t Work Unless Compressed in a Short Time Period

A blitz marketing campaign is a good way to do that, if you catch your competitors off guard. It can help you get recognized and dominate attention.  In fact, you might even temporarily skew the market away from market leaders. Normally, your message never registers with them. If you play the game weakly, you’ll never have a moment where you can gain marketshare.


In synchronizing your marketing power in a brief time period, you can control the minds of your target market.


As Al Ries said, the battlefield is the customer’s mind and we need to act to control it.

And during a WW2 blitzkrieg for instance, the audience was only aware of one thing — the Nazi’s noisy message of their superiority and political will. The Nazis aimed to win and encourage world audiences and their enemies to give up and obey. The Canadian, Brits and Americans interrupted their well crafted plan.

During marketing blitz campaigns, all media are used so prospects get the message numerous times in a can’t miss strategy. Via those channels your best target prospect uses, the audience receives the message many times. It takes 10 impressions to get prospects to recognize a product. It takes more exposures to break through their resistance (eroding their respect and loyalty to other brands and products) and get them to accept the truth of your message.

As you can imagine, this military marketing tactic shakes the ground, fills the sky, pushes competitors out, and hits the mark. It tilts the consumer market battleground in favor of the company doing the blitz. For a short time, the company makes their product seem like it’s the only relevant one. The blitz makes them forget their loyalties, whether though design or accident. And you have a moment to expose their emotions and capture them.

Power and Focus

There are 2 key reasons why this military marketing strategy will work. It’s one part intensity and the other part focus.

A strong wind may flutter a leaf on a tree for months, but an F5 tornado scrapes the landscape clean in minutes. That power and focus makes it a compelling, non-ignorable event. While prospects can easily avoid, dismiss and forget you regularly, the blitz pushes your UVP back into their face. It can elicit strong emotion and mobilize their intent. It forces prospects to deal with, process, and evaluate your message. And if your offer is relevant, valuable and credible, they may rationalize in your favor.

The strategy is take control of their decision process and force your product or brand into it. Military strategy also honors 2 other precepts – 1), that force is necessary in battle and 2), competitors and the market remember you afterward.

When you do blitz marketing, there’s no doubt that you intend to have them as your customer. They feel that attempt to win their business and force them to change their loyalties away from the market leading brand. And that’s important because the customer does want to know you are committed to serving them.

Loud ad campaigns tell a simple message to customers that many don’t appreciate — “we want your business!

Preparing Your Blitz Marketing Idea

You can create a blitz marketing campaign to last for 2 to 7 days depending on your budget. If you’re selective of your PPC ad keywords and emails, you could make it a full week campaign but you have to generate sufficient impressions/views to get seen.

  • you need a theme or idea for your blitz. It’s an idea that catches attention and also makes audience immediately aware of your unique value offer.
  • craft a unique, attention getting headline or message that creates a new view of your product, revealing something new about it, or perks a question they might have.
  • create one key content piece — simplicity is wise. It could be a blog post, graphic, video or a landing page where a product is presented or for an event registration. The idea hooks them and page content expands on why they need it.
  • ensure your big idea and message really hits home with a deep desire they have (e.g., travel, food experience, big profit, successful website, fame) on an emotional level. Whatever the deep reason is they choose your brand.
  • create an incentive to capture their email so you can begin a 3 part email campaign.
  • write your ppc advertisements for Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Bing and Facebook.
  • ensure you have a couple of blog posts that support the intent of the blitz, so it appears sincere and a real part of your marketing and product/service, and not a desperate attempt to get attention.
  • fit your big idea into your current marketing marketing pages because prospects will surf your pages to verify your credibility and to learn more.

Blitz Marketing Strategy and Tips

Here’s some worthy tactics that will make the blitz effective:

  1. do your research for a defined market such as a specific demographic (your social media connections), or a city region
  2. prepare for the blitz event by pre-posting supporting, appetite building topics on your blog, social media, and other free channels with material that begins the awareness campaign. That content or messages involve basic communication where the blitz will provide the next step
  3. know your key points of differentiation (UVP or USP)
  4. create your blitz strategy including channels, content and messaging
  5. design your strategy collateral – graphics, video, downloadables, incentives, giveaways, etc.
  6. create several ads that communicate it well
  7. ensure your ads and landing pages are riveting and engaging
  8. ensure you have your conversion path thought through and set up in your landing pages/squeeze pages
  9. ensure you have one element that hooks and sticks in the target’s mind
  10. research and choose the media that has the best reach (use your budget well)
  11. use the same landing page for all arriving leads so they get the same key message
  12. drive the lead to an urgent special offer page where you can capture a name and email
  13. ensure you have supporting content on your blog
  14. ensure you have one epic blog post that supports your blitz strategy fully because they will visit your blog

Ensure you have you have your analytics program set up to record all campaign activity including the use of URL converters. Your data helps you learn more about your target market and reveals where you were successful and weren’t successful. That’s ammunition for the next battle.

If you fail in this initial blitz, don’t be discouraged. The fact is, winning is tough. As an underdog, you have a lot to overcome against market leading competitors. Your transition from bug on the windshield to Golden Eagle might take some time. Be realistic and see this as the first step on a strategic path to victory and continuous market domination.

Study your competitor’s weaknesses intensely but with specific intent and more joy. These are opportunities to meet unmet demand. The customer’s mind always focuses on the missing pieces, the things the major brands neglect. They can be used to get attention.

But mostly, focus on your unique UVP strengths and keep pounding away. You might know from playing hockey or watching hockey how of a war it can be. An underdog team can win just with spirit, energy, and mayhem and beat the polished league champion. The power of the blitz is in football too. It’s an important part of the digital marketing strategists arsenal.

Soon, marketers will have the power of AI software to help them improve Blitz marketing results.

If your insight into search engine optimization tactics and strategies isn’t strong, it might wise to buy an SEO audit. It’s the first step to using Google or Bing to generate big traffic, awareness, engagement and sales.

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