9 Top Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Your Marketing

Companies are in the early innings so to speak with artificial intelligence, yet some large businesses are already adopting AI and scoring points and building a first mover advantage in marketing using AI.

It’s been frustrating that small businesses haven’t had access to AI marketing services as yet, due to the high cost and perhaps due to a lack of large customer databases. These issues are being worked out because AI software companies can see the huge potential of small business.  The solutions are arriving.

When Google Met Small Business

Only about 10 years ago, Google focused its attention on small business with their Adwords advertising platform.  Google was all about serving big corporations,  But after refocusing on SMBs, their profits went through the roof, enabling them to go public and launch into other technologies.

What Google discovered there is more money to be made in the small business sector. As yet, AI marketing companies haven’t discovered that fact.

As SMB customers become educated about the benefits of AI marketing. they’ll be willing to pay top dollars to enjoy the advantages it’ll bring to their marketing and sales performance.

AI marketing can be a very complex topic, however why don’t we get focused by discussing the top 9 benefits?

Top 9 Benefits of AI Marketing for SMBs:

  1. takes the guesswork out of creating the right Web content to build better, more valuable and engaging content that converts visitors to sales — up against stiff competition and big competitors, winning with excellent content is a necessity.
  2. improves calls to action, headlines, incentives, value proposition, and discovering what is successful in creating customers — it’s the testing and optimization that generate real value in lead and sales generation.
  3. provides guidance on content development, topics, keywords, and semantic copywriting — copywriters can only guess at what works, so when powerful analytics reports show what is driving more engagement, dwell time, sharing, and best rankings/traffic, your content strategy is powered up.
  4. help you decide when to publish and post on social media – timing is important and only testing and analyzing shows when a piece of content had reach and generated action.
  5. personalizes content to reduce bounce rates and improve engagement – real time personalization of content to each visitor significantly improves engagement and drops visitor bounce rates.
  6. puts your marketing budget where it does the most benefit and not in what isn’t working — your limited budget has to hit the mark, because you can’t recover like big competitors can.
  7. double to triple your sales revenue – reports show these increases are real and can lead to market leadership.
  8. helps you understand your customers, identifies customer attitudes and demographics, establishes which content is getting viewed and shared — it works powerfully to help you understand your visitors and customers more deeply since the software is designed to acquire it.
  9. predicts customer behavior so the right content paths and calls to action can be placed — predictive analytics helps to ensure you capture the visitor and avoid alienating them with irrelevant cues.

Time to Launch into AI Marketing

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

So there you have 9 big reasons to get involved with AI marketing. It’s a path to better performance and those who get on first, learn how to develop it and use it, will reap the rewards. And the main reward heading into a less certain economic future, is that your business might stay alive and even thrive while others fail.

Sometimes a negative motivator is called for. This is a great start to a 360 view of AI marketing for small business.

Bookmark this page, as we explore further into how small business will leverage the phenomenal power of AI marketing solutions.


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