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There are few people in digital marketing who argue that blogging is the best route to high volume traffic and lead generation online.

If you haven’t begun blogging, then consider learning more and beginning to publish useful material for your current customers and to attract new ones. The benefits of blogging are many.  To help you improve your blogging, enjoy this collection of apps, SaaS software, and other services that help you make great content visitors will love to immerse themselves in.

Blogs Drive Most of the Traffic Online

That truth arises from the fact that Google’s search engine results drive most traffic online. Social media and paid advertising pale to the awesome traffic flow from the free organic results.  While some homepages and marketing pages do rank on Google, that is also the result of strong blogging and some advanced search engine optimization. It’s the power in the blog when linking to those pages (how linking is done and what they copy and anchor text says) that gives them that ranking status.

Yet content marketing and SEO are outrageously competitive and bloggers do need assets and tools to help them craft better, more effective content. Bloggers and journalists struggle without these assets, no matter how talented they are.  They may not be able to make impact, inform, entertain, establish authority or identify critical trends in content topics. Good blogger resources are valuable.

Blogging’s not respected enough, yet you’ll find digital marketing agencies relying on it as the workhorse of their digital marketing services packages.  Package performance comes back to blogging and SEO.  Some even suggest blogs should be the center of a company’s marketing.

There are tens of millions of bloggers producing blogs daily, however it’s often assumed bloggers are masters of advanced SEO strategy. The truth is, a lot of content is thin, barely worth a visit, and not crafted well enough to rank highly.  A blog still needs a lot of optimization in SEO and via topic development to be engaging and rank well.  And in many cases, bloggers and other content creators lack funds to access high quality assets — data, seo expertise, graphic design, video and the ability to travel to access and create original content.

It’s vital for bloggers to focus on researching important keywords, trending topics, popular topics, building a good content/seo strategy, understanding impact, credibility, trust, relevance and significance, cherishing powerful branding, and knowing how to craft and tell compelling stories. A lot of skills go into being an expert blogger.

Skill, resources and promotional funds can make some bloggers very wealthy as influencers and Adsense publishers.

Resources Enable Immense Productivity and Quality

If any blogger or journalist wants to become one of the best, they need to access and leverage specific resources. And with these, they can outperform more talented corporate writers, journalists, and advanced SEO pros who might only be manipulating low quality content.

High quality content isn’t a given, since it has to be high quality in so many ways. The phrase is trite, and those who utter it don’t realize how true it is. To compete now, you need the right tools and resources and in this post, we take a look at many of them. Those who access them will have an unfair advantage and outperform the unlucky ones without.

Bloggers need amazing content to attract visits and revisits, make an impact and generate interest, get the brand UVP across, support credibility for the brand, keep visitors engaged and moving forward to a sale, and to capture backlinks.

Research and Content Ideas

A blogger’s initial research is often about finding the best targeted keyword phrases along with the content topics that are going to be their focus for blogs and all the graphic and video content embedded in them.

ahrefs SEO Software – ahrefs.com offers a variety of tools to help discover keywords, content topics and to analyze competitor’s websites and rankings to see what they’re up to.

Crayon — Crayon helps you track your competitors’ complete digital footprints from their marketing pages, blog, social media and news mentions to employee reviews and SEC filings. You monitor your competitors’ social media campaigns, analyze their content strategies, and discover key messaging changes. www.crayon.co/products/competitive-intelligence

Qualaroo —  provides realtime feedback platform to gauge visitors feelings about your content and where it missed fulfilling their visit or experience.  qualaroo.com/features/watson/

BuzzSumo’s Content Discovery Tool – Social media software BuzzSumo helps you discover topics, trending ideas, SEO insights, and actual content on the topics you search for.  www.buzzsumo.com

Census.gov — The US Census website offers a bounty of recent economic and demographic data. www.census.gov/topics/research/data.html

ResearchandMarkets – offers a huge library of original market research with extensive detailed data and insights to give you a sizable edge on other bloggers and journalists. It might be said that a journalists advantage comes from data that paid research databases provide.  www.researchandmarkets.com

Content Gems — ContentGems scans hundreds of thousands of articles from the best online sources to give you a multitude of relevant and timely content to give you ideas or which you can share with your audience. www.contentgems.com

Google Scholar – Google Scholar gives you a way to search for scholarly, in-depth research and literature such as books, articles, and authors. scholar.google.com

Bureau of Economic Analysis — Find useful, updated business and economic stats which readers love to consume.

Exploding Topics – app to help you find trending topics. www.explodingtopics.com/

Copywriting Resources

Market Muse offers a content analyzer to help you understand whether your content covers your selected keywords well. https://www.marketmuse.com/optimize/

Persado – Persado is AI assisted copywriting platform which can generate, predict, and personalize the content that engages customers.  Persado can help optimize microcopy for better incremental revenue and sales on your site.  Persado learns about and segments your customer data so you know which messages resonate and engage. It learns your brand voice to help you make it more powerful. Even if it can’t quite deliver what is promises, this can be an invaluable learning tool.  It might be the best.

The Hemingway Editor App helps you to modify the reading level of your copy and clean up common writing style flaws. hemingwayapp.com

Coschedule Headline Analyzer helps you analyze your headlines for impact, sentiment, length, understandability and clarity.

Photography Resources

Shutterstock – offers a huge database of high quality photos that help you support the meaning of your blog post.

Unsplash — Large repository of free photos that may help you fill your post with nice visual aids as entertainment or to support ideas in the post. www.unsplash.com

SEO Tools

ahrefs — valuable tool for keyword volume and difficulty research, top ranking content, competitor intelligence, ranking tracker, alerts on ranking changes, trending posts, and content audit and content explorer tools.

Google Trends — resources to help you see how keywords are trending in volume/popularity.

Google Page Speed Tester — tool to test your pages for core metrics compliance and performance  pagespeed.web.dev/

Google Search Console – vital tool to check your rankings, visibility and clickthroughs from Google, and review how Google rates your pages, and internal site problems.

BrightEdge — Understand how your chosen keywords actually feed into your profitability and how your content is relevant to user intent, and much more.  www.brightedge.com/products

Brightedge AI SEO

Good luck with garnering the best blogging resources available to improve your content quality.  See more on AI marketing software, AI SEO software, copywriting software, content funnel optimization, and AI sales solutions.

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