Building Real SEO Results for Small to Mid Size Companies

Low traffic. High rising costs. Lost customers. Changing technology. Large business favoritism.  It’s a true wonder how small businesses survive. I’ve always been in awe of how smart and capable small business people. Without support and with no heralding from big government, they’ve had to support themselves.

These last two years have been a painful period for small companies everywhere. In the US, most SMBs from New York to San Diego were shutdown and consumers were forced to buy only from large corporations.

That was a controversial decision and quite a few people did not agree with the logic behind it. Now as we enter 2022, small and mid sized companies are hoping to expand their reach and grow sales.

Of course, with the economy reopening, search volume will begin to grow as consumers resume researching products such as vacations, equipment, software products, homes and apartments, clothing, and more as they did before the pandemic. It’s important for SMBs to launch aggressively to ensure survival.

To get in front of consumers, Google’s search engine is the ultimate place to be. The reason Google makes $2 billion a year on advertising is due to the high search volume and high sales conversion power of top search rankings. It’s no secret that searchers are relevant sales prospects. Search exposure keeps delivering constant visibility over time. Since it takes time to create a sale, that persistence is a big part of small business marketing.

Advanced Strategies Support Business

My clients and many other large corporate SEO clients have expressed confidence in the value of advanced SEO. And advanced search engine optimization doesn’t just play around with cheap tricks to grab a short term ranking. A more sophisticated level of optimization seeks to increase engagement, leverage quality content, aid in brand positioning, to help optimize the entire sales conversion funnel. To acquire the right service provider, let’s discuss the components.

Steps to Mastery of Advanced SEO

I’ve laid out the essence of Advanced SEO and Advanced SEO strategy in previous posts. For small to mid-sized businesses, much more is demanded of an SEO strategist. We’re required to wear many hats and to help companies reach goals they can’t on their own. It’s never truer that an SEO company has to work to support the full business from customer service, to PR, to engaging with the company’s audience.

Many small companies haven’t mastered branding, don’t know how to build impact and engagement, nor what metrics are the path to top sales. That places a huge weight on the knowledge of the advanced search engine optimization pro.

There are 8 Key activities which support advanced SEO for small businesses:

  1. good, in-depth market research — what do consumers want specifically, what are their pain points and where are top competitors failing
  2. creative content development that helps make a product/service the most significant in the marketplace
  3. excellent understanding of the company’s brand and UVP to create relevant stories and significant content topics
  4. creative content development to encourage backlinks from other websites
  5. expert search engine optimization strategy, and the tools, funds and time to perfect it
  6. expert understanding of Google’s ranking algorithm components – focusing on design significant content in response
  7. in depth keyword research – to understand target keywords and supporting words to build relevance
  8. promotional effort — creating reach enough through PR, advertising, and social media to get the SEO program going

Those are the 8 key tasks that generate high Google rankings.

Hiring for Expertise is the Right Decision

Your decision to hire and outsource SEO is very wise. Bringing in expert level help is the only way you’re going to compete with the Google leaders.  Hiring mediocre generates mediocrity that wastes the precious resources you have and then depresses you about stepping it after failure.  How about skipping by failure?

An intelligent strategy is the key deliverable in SEO. However, after the fact, ongoing creative content development, content refreshing, promotional campaigns designed to acquire links from high authority domains is also very important.

If you’ve thought about low cost SEO techniques and tactics, low quality blogging, stock photos, and buying links from guest posting, Google does catch onto that. Inevitably, your rankings get crushed.

Take time to review the best advanced strategy and be immersed into the ideas behind successful advanced SEO.

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