Searching for Magic SEO Software?

Small business owners are hoping and searching for a miracle. They’re looking for miracle solutions for market reach, quality content, social media success, and lead generation.

Given SEO is central to online success, this path often leads them into SEO software, AI SEO software, SEO software platform, SEO software solution, SEO platforms, SEO agency software, and even automated SEO software.

The allure of digital magic beckons.  Yet in fact, it’s the human magic that creates real results. Creative content, strategy and content engagement require imagination.  You’ll discover that engaged imagination is what separates the stars from mediocrity. Even with Search engine optimization, imagination is powerful.

Should You Automate Mediocrity?

Should you automate mediocrity, and does the automation process ruin quality? Compare an automated digital marketing audit to a full, hybrid marketing audit.  Such an in-depth audit requires research and insight that bots can’t do.

With respect to SEO, clients should start with the big picture of relevance, trust, reach, and creative content before considering an SEO software aid, or any AI marketing software.

Whatever SEO or marketing automation software you plan to use, it won’t work unless you’re producing brilliant content and excites and impacts visitors.  More effort and more of your budget needs to go into the creation of good content experiences.

Creating the Magic

As an experienced, creative SEO consultant I’ve actually produced a fair amount of this SEO and content magic and continue to do so.

I’ve done it many times, generating ridiculous amounts of traffic to client’s websites including brand name sports manufacturers, marketing agencies, hotels, IT companies and others. It’s interesting work allowing me to build extensive expertise myself in various industries.


Generating Value for Your Visitors

However, like any business transaction, Google rankings are the result of trading value.  We must generate better information and experience value for visitors. It’s not just words, topics, videos, events, graphics, and data. The value is in the orchestration of these assets to make an impact on visitors so they become customers, fans, and ambassadors for your company online.

Ask yourself if your content creates change in your audience. Do they have a new perspective, have they learned something, and do they feel they are moving in a new direction.  Does your content help to nurture that new journey that leads to a new customer?

When visitors like your content and hits a chord with them, they feel a corresponding emotion that makes them remember your article, video or website.

Software solutions don’t create that value, impact or experience, yet they can still be helpful (analytics, real time delivery and personalization).  AI marketing solutions for instance can be a powerful assistant to help you learn and execute campaigns better.

Value Quality that Leads to High Performance

One good case in point about human vs automation is in marketing audit reports.  The much offered but less-than-useful digital marketing audits produced by software compare poorly to a thorough, well researched and professionally presented digital marketing audit.  This type of audit covers all aspects of the digital marketing mix.  Performance-wise, there is no comparison.  It is the best. And you and your business deserve the best.

The complexity of content, human emotion, the user experience, competition, ranking algorithms, persuasiveness, and reach on the web and social media is still far beyond the comprehension of marketing software, even AI software.

Clients must know that real rankings are created through research, topic expertise, strategy, hard work and creativity, and this is well beyond what software can achieve.

What is the SEO Magic?

  • quality research on topics and keywords
  • intimate understanding of search engine algorithm factors
  • a writing styles that’s engaging to a wide audience
  • a writing style that’s authoritative
  • content that is informative, entertaining and builds relevance and trust
  • a writing style that’s irresistible to your best prospects
  • a social slant that builds followers and fans, and encourages others to share the word about your company
  • a panache for skillful use of words that are relevant to rankings
  • the ability to solve 5 or 6 objectives simultaneously
  • energy and a joy for search engine optimization
  • an intense sense of competition and desire to win

Software products are very far away from delivering these benefits to you.

Excellent Content is the Real Medium of Exchange

Searchers certainly want valuable content so great content is the crux of the matter. And Google and Bing have their angle on content quality too. The two don’t correlate. If they did, Google would rank websites based on user behavior (what searchers like and are engaged with, gets top rankings).

So why hasn’t Google simply gone with ranking websites based on what searchers actually like? Whoever has the content people like, would get top rankings.

Google’s a business and total satisfaction isn’t necessarily good for their business. A certain amount productive dissatisfaction in users might actually work better for their advertising revenue goals. People who are engaged enough to keep searching, on a journey to satisfaction, might be easier to feed more advertising banners to, as they progress in their web surfing activities.

Revenue is their goal, not complete user satisfaction.  Fully satisfied users leave and don’t come back.  That means good content that’s a little unsettling, creates questions, encourages exploration and clicking, might actually perform better.  Neat and tidy is a dead end unless the visitor chooses your company right away.

The desperate attention on lead conversion rates today tells us few companies are converting well.  They followed all the best practices and saw visitors leave anyway.  The truth is, content must help us build engagement, trust, and relevance over time. Your content (branding and value) has to be something they want to come back to.

Mysterious Google Rankings

This game of search engine optimization isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Every time Google does a ranking algorithm update, most search engine optimizers, webmasters, bloggers, and marketeers respond in bewilderment as to why their site sank in the rankings.

It turns out that giving Google what it wants is a key goal for SEO experts. Sophisticated AI software can help you discover which content is hitting it with Google’s algorithm.  To a big extent, SEO means chasing their ranking algorithm, playing up the factors they’re weighing up more heavily.  It’s fun to do actually, takes a lot of effort, and SEOs are hoping too that software can help them understand ranking factors better and how they can design their content better.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

There is an opportunity for SEO software but performance thus far isn’t up to stellar level. And so you’re back to the skills and creativity of a human SEO expert, content researcher and creator.

There are hundreds of ranking factors in Google’s ranking index. The old PageRank and link popularity factors have been reduced somewhat in the last ten years.  Google makes it impossible for even AI software to figure it out.  Algorithm reverse engineering has been done for over 20 years, with not a big deal of success.

That means your small business has a chance to outrank big corporate sites with monstrous budgets. How amazing is that? You should be excited because the cost and effort is very reasonable for big results, if you’re serious about being a market leader.

Yes, ranking well is a possibility, but remember Google still likes big brands. So your site had better behave like a brand and produce the same “ranking signals” as corporate brands or you might have trouble.

Expertise Really Does Pay Off

I’ve had the good fortune of working with big companies with big brand value and it made ranking much easier. Of course, once you’re way up there with the top 10 companies, it is still extremely competitive. While there are tens of thousands of SEO practitioners and marketing agencies plying the SEO trade, only a few achieve good results.

And that’s due to painstaking, persistent effort at building value that plays well on the web and social media.

Software, platforms, link building scams, tricks and techniques won’t get you far. You must get serious about building real lasting SEO assets and that typically comes down to creating content that delivers value to thousands of curious visitors, fans and brand ambassadors.

Sadly, SEO software likely won’t help much at all.  However, the software that can make a difference is content funnel software and predictive software. These inform and assist expertise for better performance.

Watching carefully the content that your visitors really enjoy and which drives actual sales is what you’re really after. So one hand, you need content that achieves great rankings, gets shared, and linked to, is vital, so is knowing what happens when they arrive.

And guessing what they want next is important too. AI marketing software offers a unique ability in being able to serve each visitor as a unique person. It can give them an optimized content experience.
So it’s not just great content, but delivering the right content at the right time to each visitor that creates the best result.

Take a good look at funnel optimization software because this is what you want. If you can convert three times as many visitors to sales, because you’re giving them what they want right now, it has an obviously big effect on sales.
And if your visitors are converting to customers and aren’t bouncing back to Google or Bing, then search engine algorithms see this. You get ranking points because visitors like what they found.

Find Your SEO Expert First

Forget a search for SEO software, SEO software platform, SEO software solution, SEO platforms, SEO agency software, and even automated SEO software. Hire an SEO and Content expert first, preferably one with multiple skills.  That integrates your mix better and costs much less. There’s nothing wrong with saving money.

Your focus has to be creating excellent, valuable content for your visitors, exciting them and making them feel they’re on their way to satisfaction. Your funnel optimization software and predictive analytics software can help you ramp up leads and sales revenue.

Put your funds into great content, excellent creative and sophisticated, advanced SEO strategy, along with software for conversion and predictive analytics.

This is how you’ll power your way to market leadership, which is the real holy grail.


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