What is the Right Starter Solution for 2020?

There are a lot business owners in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Denver (favorite cities) can do to make 2020 a break out year. And if you’re a startup company, you need to build a strong base and begin accelerating growth.

It’s a wild forest of solutions out there.  You have a big decision in choosing a marketing agency or going with an affordable specialist.

There’s two key pain points holding you back:  content expertise and affordable AI marketing solutions.  This is holding everyone back.

It is About Expert Level Content

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

The most important factor is whether your content developer/search engine expert can produce expert level content. Agencies normally can’t. I’ve worked with many digital agencies, and it’s a big problem. They can’t devote someone to your industry in that fashion. It’s not profitable for them to do it, nor can they find someone who has that valuable expertise or who can achieve it, to work on your website.

That kicks it back to you and you don’t have time.

The value proposition you’re looking for, is the quality of the content itself combined with expert SEO — which creates authority, reach and lots of traffic from Google. And then it’s how you’ll improve your content to grow conversion rates.

An Accessible, Affordable Entry Point

It’s very competitive today, but let’s use that awareness to force us to upgrade our marketing campaigns. There is an accessible entry point, so let’s discuss that now.

After you’ve decided to commit to expert level content and news generating outreach, you can begin looking at AI powered marketing solutions.

There’s quite a few available now in SEO, Sales, and Content. This can be an overwhelming decision, especially with the big price tags. In the end, it’s content personalization we’re after. It’s everyone’s holy grail.  To begin with, there is a top quality affordable B2B marketing solution: PathFactory.

Why an AI Content Solution?

Because your content is your customer’s journey — it’s what they touch and experience. If you can learn about your content’s success and improve your sales conversion, it creates the best ROI for you.

Using a content marketing solution with personalization power is wise. The big AI marketing software solutions focus on personalizing content for good reason. Stats show consumers respond to such personalization. It raises sales more than anything else.

It’s giving each customer the best content.  And you learn how to make your content more effective.

We don’t know what your customers think of your brand, products, services, and ideas. We need a tool that will give us that insight. In turn this will help us produce expert level content with the right angle.

Convincing your customers is a process, and PathFactory can help us optimize that process. They have a new partnership too that lets you convert current prospects and customers better. They call that account based marketing optimization.

There are cheaper solutions, and we’ll likely have to find one that’s a good fit for you.  If you’re ready to begin this adventure into SEO and content marketing, then it’s time to contact me.

AI Marketers provides unique content, SEO, social media, PPC, and funnel optimization services for software companies, manufacturers, hotels, recruiters, moving companies, publishers, mountain bike manufacturers, sports equipment retailers, building supplies companies, window and door companies, Realtors, investment companies, IT companies, clean energy, consumer products, branding consultants and many more.

Begin your market leader journey with a digital marketing performance review.

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