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Hacking your Growth with AI Marketing Tools

We’re nearing the point of an economic recovery and things are looking good. You might be looking for ways to get ahead of this new economic wave and that’s wise.

These economic waves are rare opportunities to get ahead.  This is where market leaders are created.  You could choose to do things the old way but you’ve found the AI marketing trail.

Since your company’s situation is unique you’ll need a unique solution to win in 2022. Is there an out of the box, standardized solution ready for you? No, there isn’t. There’s only hacking. Hacking is safe, gradual and it facilitates learning. That value proposition is better.

What Are We Hacking Anyway?

  • discovering what works with our digital content
  • discovering what in our SEO strategy generates sales
  • discovering which types of topics resonate with our audience
  • what are the key touchpoints in the customers content experience
  • how to improve our value proposition
  • how to build trust and credibility with the audience
  • refining our customer profile to improve real time content delivery
  • which social media posts create visits, customers and sales

Managing Smartly for Better Results

There’s no situation that won’t require your management skills. In the end, you will have engineered your own success by piecing together a winning strategy. Which solutions are right for you? No one knows. You have to find out.

It’s a call to experimentation. And it will help you become a market leader or at least excel into 2022 and more into the next decade. Long term value is a no brainer. This Marketing AI technology will be the difference for your company after you master it first.

Finding out what works best is all about experimenting. This is a big benefit of AI solutions. And it’s also about delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time. AI marketing tools can help you master this process of what and when. The old marketing routines don’t work. Don’t go back to them.

It’s easy to understand that during a recession and trying financial times for many businesses, experimentation with new systems would slow. Confidence is an issue, but in your quest for more information about AI marketing, you’re seeking greater confidence. You know it works, but you want to be sure.

Keep it in-house by Adding Outsourced Talent

To stay nimble and low cost, in-house is the trend.  Bringing in new talent is preferable.

Handing it over to an overpriced digital marketing agency is another route. But that’s risky, because you don’t know enough. That’s why I suggest trying out tools individually and learning about what works. This learning process could be vital for your company. It’s a wise venture.

Post Covid 19, you have to shake it up and hack better results with AI tools. And as I explain more fully in other posts, it might help you make needed and avoided improvements in your business too.

It’s an important step forward, and if I can be a part of your new, revised team, that would be excellent. This AI stuff is exciting!

Back to the Future: AI Marketing is Just Ahead

It’s simple, we have to get comfortable enough to start to launch into AI marketing. My suggestion is to begin with low cost solutions, a versatile strategist who can figure out what works. Then build strategies to solve what really needs to be solved, instead of buying a product that will take you back to where you are now — needing a better content, SEO and social media strategy.

The role of AI marketing software is to automate learning.  It’s not about the software. It’s about how you’re going to build and leverage your digital content to raise customer engagement and sales.

If you’re tasked with creating a business case for AI marketing, you’ll enjoy the posts on AI marketing software and the software companies that produce it. There’s AI software for the stock market too, for content optimization, sales conversion and so much more. Much of it is targeted for the enterprise level. AI software developers seem to be struggling or are unwilling to create small business solutions that are affordable and testable.

That is crazy. The potential of small business AI is where the biggest profits are. You don’t need to watch the Russell 2000 to know this. Small business is the future.

The big AI software firms are asking for firm, big money commitments up front with big legacy data demands too, when the evidence for big success is still a little weak. The same thing happened decades ago when digital solutions and the Internet came in. Few could see the path ahead.

AI Optimizes the Value You’re Creating

What CEO’s and marketing managers like yourself need to be reminded of is that AI marketing software and other artificial intelligence solutions don’t solve everything. Web design, content research and creation, search engine optimization, video creation, and social media engagement continue to be human driven — via real and unappreciated creativity.

So the foremost need for most small to medium sized businesses is quality marketing content generation first. AI can help optimize and help predict what might work better. Yet, the bulk of value you’re creating is via humans and it is creative. AI will help inform your marketing staff but it doesn’t create that value.

The key to your success online this year and next is superb content creation, excellence in search engine optimization, high converting advertising, and tools for improved social media reach. Maximizing reach and traffic followed by improved conversion optimization will pay dividends as the economy returns.

It’s wise to consider your budget, your learning needs, and your ability to produce excellent content. Content drives your reach and conversion rates and it’s where you need excellence.

Your first foray into AI marketing solutions should likely be content funnel optimization. Knowing how your content is impacting and effecting customer behavior could bring the best results. Do you know what your customers/prospects like about your products and about your marketing pieces? What are they turned off by?

The study of performance analytics and content usage will lead you back to a study of your unique value proposition. If there’s weakness in your marketing, it might not be your marketing. It could be your actual products and services and how they’re not competitive with other offerings.

By testing different types of content, you can learn which pain points and desires are driving your customers actions. You can avoid the competition issue simply by making your product/service the very best available. Whatever is bouncing sales prospects is what you have to fix, and maybe AI software solutions will solve this enigma for you.

The nice thing about content analytics and content funnel optimization is they’re the most accessible services budget wise.

The big all inclusive services you can read about in the AI software companies post are expensive and overkill for most businesses. AI solutions need to be more versatile and focused on where businesses are weak (customer profiles, conversion optimization, best content and traffic sources) not on fixing things that return low value.

Most small businesses have weak marketing materials — no videos, no cornerstone content pieces, and the content doesn’t really convey a value proposition customers really want.

If you’re advertising on Google and Facebook right now, and the market isn’t beating a path to your door, then using tools that help you raise user engagement is most important. It’s nice if the software could tell you what’s working and what isn’t. That’s helpful info that will help you build a better customer profile.

One of the most powerful features of AI which you should explore, is it’s ability to identify visitors by their behaviors and serve them what they need in real time. It’s the biggest breakthrough in marketing AI. Amazon and Google use AI insights to pave the path to purchase for their users.

For you, it might cut abandonment and bounces dramatically. Visitors needs are usually specific which makes conversion difficult if you don’t get them to the correct content quickly.

Before you plan a big excursion into the hyped and expensive world of AI, take another look at your marketing content and the personalized, relevant unique value proposition you’re giving visitors right now.

Knowing your UVP better will help clarify and focus communications thus attracting higher quality prospects and keeping your current customers loyal.

With a laser focused UVP for whoever your target audience is, you can begin building specialized, valuable content for each segment and phase of the buying decision they’re in.

That content strategy feeds into your SEO strategy and your social media strategy.

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