AI + Marketing Genius = Success

While artificial intelligence marketing platforms are amazing, they don’t do everything.  And they’re pricey ($1500 to $5000 per month). Yet for any business hoping to capture big marketshare, AI is a must have at some point.

By using AI Marketers (Gord Collins and Associates), you can get your content, SEO and other tasks done well.  You’ll be leveraging experience, energy and commitment which other marketing agencies only dream of having in the AI marketing era.

Since AI marketing software and solutions are new, small businesses seeking to grow and become market leaders must be trailblazers.  We’ll work with you to learn and implement the solution you choose.

3 Key Benefits of Hiring AI Marketers:

  1. Insight: researching and implementing the best choice for your AI marketing solution
  2. Reach: building an effective content strategy, social media strategy, and SEO strategy together
  3. Leads and Sales: power up your lead conversion process

Making Marketing Simpler and Smarter

We’ll try to answer all your who, why, what, which, when and where questions. The BIG PICTURE views though is that we’re the ones to help you lead your market with leading edge solutions. We simplify, scale up, and power up your online marketing — with benefits for each area of your marketing campaign.

Big Visibility is never a problem.

Want to Get Smartly?  Try the Digital Marketing Audit as your foundation.

Putting Money Where it Has to Be

AI Marketers is ideally suited to serve small to medium sized businesses who must decrease their marketing staff footprint and put more resources into expertise, advertising, and actionable tactics.

This is an exciting once in a lifetime adventure and we’ll be joining you in it!

The State of AI Marketing in /2020

More companies are adopting AI than most of us realize. We have to remember that AI is in an early stage of implementation in big business and it’s generating a lot of attention now.

Sales teams adopting AI are seeing an increase in leads and appointments of more than 50%, cost reductions of 40%–60%, and call time reductions of 60%–70% according to the Harvard Business Review.


The Albert AI Study Found:

  • adoption of AI has increased from 43% in 2016 to 88% in 2019
  • 88% of marketers today have adopted—or are in the planning stages of adopting—artificial intelligence
  • 74% of respondents reported using AI-assisted technology, which surfaces insights for marketers to consider during manual decision making
  • 26% of marketers reported using autonomous AI, which can act on its own insights and work collaboratively with marketers
  • 39% believe that AI can play a role in creative development, while just 34% believe it can provide insights into other business functions. Only 22% realize it can serve both needs
  • 47% reported it is to blame for their customer engagement tactics not being as relevant as it should be
  • 42% of respondents reported exploring the potential of taking their digital media and creative in house and 24% already intend to do so
  • 35%) are currently running some part of their digital ad campaigns internally but struggle with scaling those efforts due to limited resources
  • 50% or less say they feel “very well supported” by their current technology in meeting their top objectives

In fairness to the software suppliers, customers haven’t learned how to use AI software optimally.  It takes time to become expert in an expert system, but with patience you’ll leap forward in how you serve your customers.

Responding to your Biggest Marketing Challenges

The survey’s respondents said their biggest marketing challenges today were:

⦁ wasted marketing spend (30%)
⦁ inability to operate quickly enough (30%)
⦁ hiring, retaining and organizing staff (28%)
⦁ duplication of technology/vendors (28%)
⦁ lack of integration among technologies (26%)
⦁ difficulty translating insights into actionable outcomes (26%)

We might add content quality issues, market visibility, and weak lead conversion to the mix of digital marketing weaknesses and corporations and small businesses.


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