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Looking for software marketing services? You don’t really need a digital marketing agency to plan and conduct a decently successful campaign for your software product.

As you’ll discover with the successful startup called Upstart case study below, you can develop your own creative software marketing campaigns combining organic and paid channels, perfect for building awareness, making impact, creating leads, testing concepts, and getting feedback from users.

In fact, once it’s rolling, and you’ve improved your significant UVP, you can go all organic on social media and Google and save a boatload of money.

Is marketing for software companies any different for other industries? There aren’t too many differences really. Software developers/brands sell subscriptions to a digital product and can offer free trials, automatic discounts and personalized services immediately online. It’s a digital product. A few sell more complex service packages that derive commissions from business generated.

Whatever the revenue model, digital marketing can help you reach your sales goals. It’s the same goal: visibility, impact, engagement, purchase.

Whatever Your Revenue Model, Software Marketing Can Make a Difference

In your case, you may be selling services with the software, or are planning to use the software as a means to another revenue generating service. That means software marketing strategies might feed into plenty of complex services and revenue generation tactics.

By understanding the goals and the tactics, your digital marketing can be designed to prime visitors from Google or Facebook sources.

However, as always, expertise in your software sector/market is essential. Although a digital marketing audit can reveal many new dimensions, it’s often the client’s own expertise and insights that set the stage for more powerful strategies.

The marketing provider’s job is to leverage your expertise for best results. Although some agencies do have expertise in your software vertical, they are likely working for a competitor. AI Marketers isn’t an advertising agency, but you’ll enjoy better performance working with a genuine SEO and organic content strategist. Our efforts will work well with your ad agency.

A Powerful Software Company Example: Upstart

AI Lending Software platform Upstart located just south of San Francisco, CA, with current revenues of $1.4 billion, is one very successful software product/service.  Upstart’s excellent UVP is key to creating a strong software marketing strategy with little effort. Yahoo Finance calls Upstart is a “a very successful AI marketing company. ” It had an incredible run on its stock price, up 20 times its value.

Upstarts Amazing Value Proposition

Their UVP is powerful: the company aims to open up lending to borrowers who can’t get loans due to outdated credit rating practices. So there’s is something big here for a marketer to build excitement with.  For loan searchers on Google and for people on social media spreading the word, it’s all about a company that can get them a loan. As you know the traditional lending system is merciless to most consumers.  To reach lenders, they state “We help banks and credit unions originate consumer credit by using more sophisticated risk models powered by AI.”

Upstart is an AI Marketing Software Company!

It was founded by Ex Google employees, and it’s AI based solution serves both loans for borrowers and risk underwriting services for lenders in a Software-as-a-Service business model. Its power to screen out risky borrowers is making its stock very attractive and profitable. In a rising rate and volatile period their services hit the peak of needs for mortgage and loan lenders.

AI Stock, Upstart’s stock price is rising once again.

Software Marketing – Upstart Stock Price

Given they are leveraging a large blog, they know the power of content. Optimization on the site is standard and enjoys relying on high Pagerank advantage.  Their software advertising campaign focuses on the consumer loan service. It’s revenue model extends from referrals and fees it charges lenders.

Here we see Upstart’s is paying about $9 per click for Google leads. Developing a system that relies entirely on free organic traffic could save the company tens of millions of dollars.

Upstart uses AI software (from an AI fintech provider) which they believe will replace traditional credit underwriting such as Fair, Isaac’s FICO credit scoring. The company says it can reduce loan defaults by 75%, which is a decent value proposition as the economy begins to falter and interest rates rise.  Risk is rising. Of course, this US economy and other economies look like they have some legs still. Yet, the recession will come and Upstart will likely be a valuable service for lenders.

Digital Lending with Upstart.
Digital Lending with Upstart. Screenshot courtesy of

Upstart appears to have stopped its ppc advertising right now, and appears to be coasting with their 100,000 visitors per month organic strategy.

What would Upstart’s software marketing strategy evolve around?

  • storytelling of frustrated consumers who finally gained access to credit
  • blog posts/case studies about savings for lenders who cut their risk and reduced loan default losses
  • blog posts about automobile dealers who found safe credit sources for their customers
  • how to posts for indebted credit card holders who need to consolidate
  • how lending businesses can gain referral commissions through upstart
  • blog posts on how their business streamlines/automates lending
  • blogs about how they fight for consumers to get credit they deserve to have

The point with Upstart is that they’re an innovator providing benefits in many different ways. A good content marketing program would help reach borrowers and a PPC ad campaign can reach lenders who would benefit also AI driven improvements.

If Upstart is using AI for marketing, then this hasn’t been publicly stated.

IT entrepreneurs are eager to build visibility of their amazing software products. Those introducing AI marketing software for instance, are on the leading edge of marketing technology and aiding in the broad exposure of other software products online.

The challenge of software marketing is in establishing:

  • visibility to the qualified audiences
  • technology benefits
  • brand significance
  • emotional impact

A tremendous amount of investment and time goes into software development and more into business development with other technology partners.

Your software marketing strategist might know more than I about how to market software optimally. I welcome their insight of course. However, I have worked with several IT and software firms in Toronto, London UK, Boston, San Diego and San Francisco.

Take a closer look at Advanced SEO strategy as your free organic traffic channel. If upstart’s relying totally upon it now, that says a lot. With SEO is just keywords, links and promotion, the same as any business.

If you don’t have a million dollar marketing budget, you’ll need to create your dream marketing team and develop your software marketing strategy yourself. There are plenty of models from top competitors to use as a guide, so you should enjoy good success with yours.

Review AI Marketers Advanced SEO and content strategy services now.

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