Reinvent your Business for 2021

The pandemic has devastated employment, retail businesses, crippled the economy, almost crashed the housing market, and temporarily halted the stock market bull run.

And it’s almost every business that’s had to adjust. So would businesses need a new marketing strategy? Yes, and there’s 2 reasons why: first the marketing ecosphere has changed and secondly competitors have become more effective.

Sticking with old tools, marketing messages and branding ties your company to the past. The Covid 19 pandemic has suppressed everyone’s memory and creating negativity. Consumers and B2B buyers have a different perspective that has changed their values.  Your old brand doesn’t impact them as well anymore.

What will companies do?


  • re-evaluate their brand
  • improve their marketing content substantially
  • improve their reach and visibility online

And to do this relaunch conducted properly, they’ll be conducting a digital marketing audit.

Relaunch for a Big Advantage in 2021

SMB owners will have no choice but to relaunch their businesses with a brand new marketing strategy.  Sometimes the changes have to be extensive.  Regardless, it’s a chance to go from mediocre to a market leader. There’s no prize for mediocrity in 2021.

Lots of retailers have launched their grand reopening and that rebranding and updated merchandising and layout helped them grow their market share. Change can be very good.


The Key to Small Business Success: creative motivated talent and new marketing technology


Examples of Successful Business Evolution

Zoom Video jumped on the work at home revolution and their stock valuation rocketed. Most restaurants are going out of business, but some transitioned to take out and pick up business models. What is their next move?  New foods, expanded menus, digital marketing and growth.

Some are making the best of the current epidemic period, but smarter entrepreneurs are looking at changes that are here forever.  Going digital is vital. And many small businesses don’t even have a website.  Your business likely does, yet now it’s not doing much for you.

And other small businesses are brainstorming new ideas on how to run their businesses virtually, with staff and consultants in remote locations. They’re getting talent they never dreamed of having. The crisis is working for them.

And Then Along Came AI

For some small to mid sized companies, the advantage comes from adopting AI solutions.  AI opens new ways to improve every part of your business and vastly improve sales leads and conversion rates.

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Don’t Compete with Big Companies on their Terms

Small businesses must be more creative to compete the big corporations and market leaders.  Competing dollar for dollar won’t work for small companies. And in tech and marketing, Google and Facebook are really putting the hurt on small business. Focusing on strategy is the way to find your new niche and build the most profit.

In this post, I’d like to motivate you to look anew at the way you acquire and excite new customers and build revenue. You’ll enjoy the tips below on how to re-optimize your digital marketing.

Think Quality not Quantity

What if you were to start with the objective of creating unique, relevant, industry leading content, building big exposure on Google and Facebook, and optimizing the whole sales process online? Whatever the new customer wants, you design your new marketing strategy around. Whatever industry you’re in, start with a niche you can win and build it out.

Your New Post Corona Virus Marketing Strategy

Okay, let’s cut to the main points of this post, how to build an advantage in the upcoming months.


  • commit more fully to digital marketing and talented remote consultants because face to face is out for a while
  • learn more about AI marketing solutions for small business
  • don’t waste all of your budget on design, development, email, and pay per click ads (for the first campaign, do advertising in order to gain valuable information about prospects and marketing channels)
  • save money by using free, organic sources including Google, Bing, and Facebook where possible
  • improve your content using creative, imaginative, bold and useful topics that excite your visitors
  • use a talented SEO consultant and content strategist to make your content compete with big companies
  • have your SEO expert conduct thorough keyword research to discover your core keywords and long tail phrases to pursue and build your content around
  • ensure your content is compelling with impactful copywriting, helpful information, and messaging that drives an action

What is Your Content Strategy?

Content strategy is a system of selected and designed topics which are most compelling to your audience and which builds credibility for you. Leave the process to the content strategist who will ask lots of questions to discover your goals and how you need to improve your UVP.

If you visit your competitor’s website and Facebook page, you’ll get an inkling of their value proposition. We can discover their top performing blogs, social posts, and keyword phrases so you can compare to your own positioning and UVP.

Quick Overview of Content Strategy

7 Easy Steps


  1. get serious about content strategy. Content strategy affects Google rankings, conversion rates, personalization, impact, immersion, and the action your visitor will take. You may have to experiment and use a testing system to evaluate performance.
  2. design your content.  Build feelings of comfort and confidence around your solution and why it’s the best for them. We’ll educate them on how your value proposition is better. A new WordPress site that is built for speed will help Google rankings and lead conversions.
  3. have a graphic artist ready.  Build templates for attractive charts, photos, illustrations and more collateral which you can modify for publishing to your marketing pages and blogs. This is about professionalism and brand clarity.
  4. build a customer database.  Build your customer profiles, and run email campaigns for users generated via Google and for targeted Facebook ad campaigns.
  5. begin researching AI marketing.  Choose your AI marketing platform or applications you’d like to try and use.
  6. create performance benchmarks.  Commit to striving to accomplish the goals you create.
  7. use your analytics software assess performance and predict customer preferences and behavior so you can win them with real time personalization and funnel conversion tactics.

Once you choose and commit to your new AI marketing platform, or collection of AI tools, you can get to the real work of optimizing everything.

That’s the point of AI marketing. It’s not creating the creative strategy, value proposition, and writing your optimized content. It’s assisting you in discovery of what needs to be improved. They’re your AI hacking tools.


In a nutshell, your content strategist comes up with the core plan using key marketing channels to win big traffic. Their plan must generate significant rankings and traffic, while getting reach via social media.

Success comes from very good content. Content doesn’t have to be pretty. In fact, pretty content can often cheapen the impact and credibility of your message. Customers want to know you know the solution.

We start it all with an audit and a really good content game plan. I’m looking forward to working with you to make your small business over-compete and WIN.

Choose the best talent who will help you blaze trails in this new marketing ecosphere.   Contact Gord and lets discuss a new project to get this started.


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