The Compelling Benefits of Software for Marketing

Business is competitive today. There’s no guarantee your business will survive the next recession or sustain your current market share. Powered by the prevailing economic winds and market factors, companies come and go.

Some companies lose out because they failed to adopt marketing software, when customers and clients actually demand that automation. And the work becomes too complex and too demanding to go with it.  Increasingly, customers will demand that you be using artificial intelligence software. They’re smart. It’s expensive but it’s the future.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits small businesses receive with marketing software adoption. The full list of course is vast. The goal in this is to find a solution that fits your budget.

Automated, Intelligent Solutions Add Value

Today, the big pressure on small business is coming via marketing. Take Realtors for instance. The major business problem real estate agents and brokers face is insufficient reach to their prospect audience. Home sellers don’t know they exist, let alone feel a compelling reason to hire them.

As real estate martech solutions became available to Realtors, it seems everyone’s marketing advantage disappeared. Suddenly, thousands of other realtors could access and dominate their local markets. Perhaps they do have an expertise, market knowledge and experience advantage. But invading realtors have made them invisible, thus nullifying their good advantage.

Add on the martech software’s predictive analytics, social media publishing, lead funnel optimization, and content delivery timing, and you get the picture. This nurtures leads much better.

This same process is happening everywhere to all businesses from Boston to San Diego to Toronto. The race to efficiency and power is on. The new marketing software is making it unfair.

Being Invisible and Being in the Dark

Without deeper, comprehensive awareness of your customers and prospects and the ability to retain them, they disappear. Who visited my website or Facebook page? Who shared my material on Twitter? What content could we have presented that would really lower the bounce rate?  What content will help us rank higher on Google? What is our PPC campaign telling us?

For tech startups in San Diego or Toronto or Boston, market invisibility is a big problem. Most startups fail because they can’t focus their marketing to get reach and make a big impact. It takes a lot to reach prospects and more to move them through the funnel. Marketing software may be able to streamline the customer funnel and create a better customer journey.

9 Biggest Problems with Startups


    1. lack of marketing expertise
    2. lack of marketing budget
    3. lack of marketing automation – work overload
    4. inability to shape and improve the customer experience
    5. market too competitive
    6. lack of reach to prospects
    7. lack of trust and authority
    8. lack of knowledge of customers to shape their product
    9. inability to personalize for each prospect


Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

With visibility comes new investment money and proof of demand for their software and services. Further, the task of digital marketing is overwhelming. Marketers are burning out, faced with mind numbing data loads and complexities in their marketing mix.

Expectations on these marketers keep rising. The only way they can adapt is to do what other companies are doing — adopt marketing software. Marketing software comes in different flavors and power. Some simply automate marketing tasks and help process analytics. Others incorporate artificial intelligence components to automate customer engagement. From content personalization to sales funnel optimization to CRM chat, they’re taking a lot of weight off of marketer’s shoulders.

So if your marketing performance is suffering, you’re just one of those market laggards who hasn’t upgraded to the new generation of marketing software solutions.

Take a good look at the next generation of marketing software right now.

10 Benefits of Using Marketing Software


    1. content personalization
    2. content testing
    3. email automation
    4. chat customer service
    5. integrate marketing channels
    6. capturing more lifetime value
    7. predictive analytics
    8. sales funnel optimization
    9. freeing up time and money for consultants and staff development
    10. better management of data


Should you leap frog and jump to the new generation of AI marketing solutions? That would mostly depend on how competitive your market is and your budget. If a fully autonomous AI solution like Albert is out of the question, you may adopt AI content and funnel optimization solutions that could work for you.

Last final note about marketing software for small business is ease of learning of all in one solutions. Subscribing and then finding experts who can do the work while adding value in other ways. If you can find a specialist with skills in content development and copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media strategy, then that’s a very compelling value proposition.

Don’t give up on simplifying your marketing process and becoming a market leader. You can do it.

Investigate more about the best AI marketing software solution for your business?  You’ll feel somewhat better informed before you begin speaking to the solution provider’s reps.

AI Marketers provides unique content, SEO, social media, PPC, and funnel optimization services for software companies, manufacturers, hotels, recruiters, moving companies, publishers, mountain bike manufacturers, sports equipment retailers, building supplies companies, window and door companies, Realtors, investment companies, IT companies, clean energy, consumer products, branding consultants and many more.

Begin your market leader journey with a digital marketing performance review.

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