Marketing AI Conference

The biggest marketing AI conference was held in Cleveland, Ohio on July 16th to 18th last summer. It’s called the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON).

MAICON was created by Paul Roetzer and his organization called the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Institute. Paul is author of two excellent books on marketing for agencies. It’s a young organization and is a good source for learning and guidance on the matter of AI marketing.

MAICON 2019 featured 60+ speakers and over 40 sessions on topics such as AI for content marketing, the intelligent automated agency, AI in advertising, how AI will change marketing, and stories and case studies about company’s who are on the AI adoption path.

The conference is still too much hype about the technology and perhaps not enough about practical application, solution selection, and finding consultants who can help you implement it. They’ll improve and refine for 2020.

Tickets to the event started at $1,599 to $2,099.

Find out more about MAICON on the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Association website and get ready for 2020’s event July 14 – 16, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Take a closer look at Marketing AI, and how it can help your firm in 2020.


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